How To Clean Bulldog Pee Off 3 Common Floorings

It is nothing to be ashamed of if your Bulldog had an accident inside the house. It’s a situation that every dog owner faces at some point, no matter what age or breed their dog is. If an accident happens inside, don’t worry, it can always be cleaned.

How to Clean Bulldog Pee Off 3 Common Floorings 1 How To Clean Bulldog Pee Off 3 Common Floorings

How do you cleanup bulldog pee?

Getting Bulldog pee cleaned out of the house is the same process as for any other dog pee. Dry up the area with towels or newspaper, spray the area with a cleaner to get the rest cleaned up, and then spray a deodorizer so the smell doesn’t linger. The process of cleaning up dog pee will vary on the surface the accident happened on. 

How Do I Clean Dog Pee Off of Tile?

Tile is the easiest to clean any spilled liquid off of. It’s the least absorbent type of floor and doesn’t typically face long-lasting damage from liquid the same way wood might. Of course, you won’t experience any floor damage as long as you clean the mess up right away. 

Tile is also less likely to hold the smell of pee, but it is still good to use a deodorizer just in case. The only thing you need to worry about is potential staining.

First, Dry the Area

This is the first thing you should do no matter what surface your Bulldog peed on. You can use an old bath towel, paper towels, or even newspaper to clean up all the pee that you can. With this surface being nonabsorbent, you should be able to dry up the area completely. 


Take an all-purpose spray or another kind of disinfectant (as long as it’s safe for around pets) and wipe down the area with it. Not only will this clean up any remaining pee that might be on your floor, but it will also help prevent odors from lingering.

If you notice that the smell still seems to linger, you can then spray down the area with a deodorizing spray. You can buy a spray for this purpose from the store, or you can make your own. There will be a recipe for a homemade deodorizing spray later on. 

The quicker you clean up your dog’s accident, the less staining and smell will linger. Don’t push off cleaning for another day, getting up and cleaning it now will save your nose later on. 

How to Clean Bulldog Pee Off 3 Common Floorings 1 1 How To Clean Bulldog Pee Off 3 Common Floorings

How Do I Clean Dog Pee Off of Hardwood Flooring?

Wood is a little bit more absorbent than tile, so it will take more work to make sure that all of the pee is soaked up. 

Really Dry That Floor

Take your towel or paper of choice and soak up all the pee from the floor. This step is pretty much the same as for tile. Though, make sure that you clean it up as soon as you notice it because smells will linger the more it gets absorbed into the floor. 

Cleaning Time

Spray the floor and wipe it down with a disinfectant first. Unlike with tile, make sure to allow the disinfectant to sit for a moment before wiping the area down. Allowing the spray to get absorbed into the wood will allow it to get to any pee that has also been absorbed into the floor. This will provide a deeper clean. 

You will then want to use a deodorizer on the floor, especially if it took you a while to notice and then clean up the pee. On tile, you can spray the area down and call it good. However, on a hardwood floor, you will want to rub the deodorizer into the area. Allow the deodorizer to get into the pores of the wooden floor. 

Most homemade deodorizers use vinegar as a main ingredient, but not everyone is comfortable using concentrated vinegar on their carpet. You can dilute the mixture for your hardwood floor and spend more time scrubbing it into the floor. If you are still wary about it, you can do a test section to see how your wooden floors react.

If the mixture wasn’t enough, there’s another method you can use. Sprinkle a layer of baking soda onto where the pee was. Make sure that your Bulldog won’t interfere with the baking soda layer. It won’t hurt them, but it won’t make it as effective on the floor.

Allow the baking soda to sit for a few hours. Baking soda often acts as an odor neutralizer, soaking up and getting rid of smells. After a few hours, vacuum up the baking soda. Repeat the methods until you no longer notice the smell of pee in your floors. 

How Do I Clean Pee Off of a Carpet?

Carpets are the hardest smell clean up pee and remove the smell. The fabric of the carpet is both absorbent and thick, allowing any spilled liquid to seep even under the carpet. If you have a thicker carpet (or this happened on a fluffy rug,) you will have more difficulty cleaning it all up.

Start With the Basics

The easiest way to start cleaning pee out of a carpet is to absorb all that you can. Just like the other methods, take a towel or paper towel to soak up all the pee that you can. Paper products might be a better visual as you will be able to see each paper towel (or newspaper page) soak up the pee. Then, once the towels stop soaking up any liquid when you place them down, you’ll know that you’ve absorbed all you can. 

This will take a bit of time, so be patient and do a good job getting all that you can. Once you absorbed as much as possible, move to cleaning.

Let’s Clean

When working with carpet, it might be a good idea to rinse the area with cool water after soaking up the pee with towels. The water can bring up some of the remaining pee to the surface of the carpet as the fabric fibers get filled with water. Make sure to dry the area some before moving on to the next step.

If you have a carpet cleaning machine, bring it out and use it to clean the carpet. Using this tool will be much easier and will leave you with less lingering odor too.

However, if you don’t have a carpet cleaner, don’t worry. It will take some more effort, but you can clean it too. Scrub the area with disinfectant. Do this a few times to make sure your carpet is nice and clean.

Finally, scrub the carpet down with a deodorizer. You can use the separate methods from above, or you can combine them. Spray your vinegar-based mixture onto the carpet and then sprinkle baking soda on top of it. As it fizzes, scrub the area down. Allow the baking soda left to sit for a few hours and then vacuum the area. After that, you should be left with a clean and odorless carpet. 

How do I Make My Own Deodorizer?

Making a deodorizing spray is super simple and you probably already have all the ingredients. From above, you should already know that the main ingredient of this mixture is vinegar, white distilled vinegar to be exact. 

Fill a bottle with a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water. If you want something more powerful and are of age, you can add another part vodka to the mix. For a mixture that smells a little better, you can add some essential oils to the mixture. Lemon oil can make this spray smells just like a lemony disinfectant spray. 

Whenever you have a spray that will be on the carpet or anywhere else that your Bulldog can get to, make sure that the ingredients are dog safe. This is highly important when using essential oils as some of these oils can be poisonous to Bulldogs.

Make sure that your bottle can handle essential oils, a glass bottle is the best for these mixtures. This makes sure that your ingredients won’t eat through the bottle. 

Once you have your ingredients mixed up, you now have a deodorizer that can battle any smell. 

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, your Bulldog might have an accident inside the house. When you have the right tools to remove both the pee and the smell, no accident can cause you to worry. Cleaning up after your Bulldog’s accident is super easy and doesn’t require any fancy cleaning products. Everything that you need to clean is most likely already in your house, or at the very least something you can buy for very little money. 

Don’t get too mad at your Bulldog for having an accident. It’s part of the name, it’s usually an accident that happens from not being able to go outside in time. Make sure that you are taking your Bulldog outside when it needs to so you can prevent more accidents from happening. 

Whenever an accident happens, know that your Bulldog is just unhappy about it as you are. 

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