Can Labradoodles Be Kept Outside? A Pros And Cons List

For one reason or another, some people prefer to keep their dogs outside. If that is something that you want to do, you must make sure that the breed that you are thinking about can handle living outside. Not all breeds can spend many hours outside, so it is important to make sure that you don’t get one of those breeds.

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Can Labradoodles Be Kept Outside? 

In most places, Labradoodles can’t be kept outside. While they can handle short periods of time being outside, they do not do well with spending most of the day outside. Labradoodles are therefore inside dogs and should be mostly kept indoors. 

There are several reasons why keeping a Labradoodle outside is a bad idea, even if you live in a temperate climate. 

Labradoodles Are Social

Labradoodles are a very social dog breed that thrives with plenty of social interaction and big families. Labradoodles are known for being great family dogs that will get along with both the adults and the kids of the house. 

If you keep your Labradoodle outside, they won’t get nearly the same amount of social interaction as they would inside the household. 

This will make your Labradoodle very lonely without the social interaction that they need. From being lonely, their needs aren’t properly being met and this can cause behavioral problems with your Labradoodle. 

Labradoodles have a pack mentally that comes from their wolf ancestors. Being separated from the pack usually would mean death to that wolf, and so being isolated as a Labradoodle can be damaging to their mental health. 

So, not only are Labradoodles just socially, but they are also socially dependent.

Labradoodles Are Not Working Dogs

Some breeds of dogs can be kept outside because they are working dogs. This means that they are physically capable of spending a lot of time outside whether they are doing work or not. However, Labradoodles are not working dogs and they never have been. 

They don’t herd sheep like a German Shepherd can or hunt as a retriever can.

With Labradoodles not being working dogs, they haven’t adapted to be able to withstand the outdoor elements for hours on end. Instead, Labradoodles are companion dogs. They are meant to be with their owners inside. 

Outdoor Elements

Finally, Labradoodles aren’t built to be able to withstand the outdoor elements, especially in more extreme climates. Sure, they can be fine for a few hours outside in good weather (temperate weather,) but they will suffer in anything else. 

Many dogs can’t withstand hot weather for long periods of time and Labradoodles also can’t withstand cold temperatures. This makes it very hard to keep them outside throughout the year. They can’t handle the temperatures in several of the seasons. 

Labradoodles can’t handle temperatures below 20°F but they shouldn’t be left out for too long when temperatures get below 40°F. On the other side, Labradoodles can’t handle being left outside for too long when temperatures reach above 75°F.

Can Labradoodles Be Kept Outside 1 Can Labradoodles Be Kept Outside? A Pros And Cons List

How Long Can a Labradoodle Be Left Outside?

The longest that a Labradoodle can safely handle being outside in good weather is a few hours. Don’t leave them outside for more than 4 hours, especially if the weather conditions aren’t perfect. In hotter or colder weather, the amount of outside time decreases dramatically.

If you are going to leave your Labradoodle outside for a few hours, make sure that you have a proper setup. 

You should never leave your dog (of any breed) outside without taking the proper precautions. If your dog doesn’t have access to shade or water, do not leave them outside. 

Proper Yard Set-Up

If you want to leave your Labradoodle outside for any period of time, you need to make sure that your backyard is set up properly. A properly set up yard will keep your Labradoodle safe along with any other animals that wander through the neighborhood. 

Make sure that you have a sturdy fence that will keep your Labradoodle in and other animals out. This is super important if your Labradoodle won’t be on a leash and will have a full range of the backyard. You don’t want your Labradoodle wandering off. 

Also, make sure that there is nothing in your yard that can hurt your dog. This includes large holes that your Labradoodle can fall into, low and sharp branches, debris, or any other objects that can be sharp and dangerous. 

A cleared-out area with trees that provide shade is the desired setup. 

Water and shade are a must. Make sure that your Labradoodle has a supply of fresh water that they can drink from. Don’t let their water run out and make sure that they have extra if the day is warmer

Shade is also extremely important to prevent heatstroke. The shade can be provided by trees, a patio awning, or even a kennel area. 

Finally, having a supply of food outside is never a bad idea. This is more for if you are going to leave your Labradoodle outside for a longer time or around an eating time. Don’t diverge from the eating schedule that your Labradoodle has if you can help it. 

Should I Buy a Kennel for Outside?

If you are planning on leaving your Labradoodle outside for a few hours every day, or often in general, buying a dog kennel isn’t a bad idea. With a kennel, you can provide your Labradoodle with a safe and comfortable area to rest in. Also, a kennel provides the shade that is required for your dog to have while outside.

Similarly, you can buy a doghouse for your backyard. Like a kennel, a doghouse will provide shelter, structure, and shade for your Labradoodle outside. With a doghouse, you can also choose from a variety of sizes and designs. You can get your Labradoodle a large doghouse if you want to. There are fewer requirements that come with a doghouse. 

When you are first teaching your dog about going into a doghouse or a kennel, training is needed. This is because your Labradoodle might be very cautious about the structure at first. 

Provide incentives to get your Labradoodle in the kennel or doghouse such as putting treats or toys inside. Be close to your Labradoodle when kennel/doghouse training. Having a familiar face helps them try new things. 

Pros And Cons of Keeping Your Dog Outside

There are some pros and some cons that come with keeping your dog outside.


A big pro that comes with keeping your dog outside is that they will have more control of their bathroom schedule. For the few hours that you leave your Labradoodle outside, they are able to go to the bathroom when they need to and don’t have to wait for someone to take them outside. 

Another pro is that you can be sure that your Labradoodle is getting enough exercise every day. The easiest way to provide exercise to your dog is by playing with them outside or letting them run around outside. 

By keeping your Labradoodle outside for a few hours, they are sure to have plenty of time to run around and use their energy. This can be helpful during the Labradoodle’s hyperactive adolescent years. 


Sadly, when it comes to Labradoodles, there are more cons than pros to outdoor living. As we mentioned before, a huge con to being left outdoors is a lack of social interaction. 

While this can be helped by having multiple dogs outside, an “only child” dog won’t get the social interaction that they need if they stay outside. 

There are also the dangers of the outdoor elements. From rain to hail to snow, there are so many weather conditions that your Labradoodle shouldn’t be out for. During certain seasons you won’t be able to keep your Labradoodle outside depending on where you live. 

When spending so much time outside, there can also be hygiene problems that occur from outdoor living. You will have to groom your Labradoodle a lot more often if they spend a lot of time outside. They can get into a muddy area, are at higher risk of flea and ticks, or have allergic reactions to certain outdoor plants. Dogs that have a grass allergy shouldn’t be kept outside. 

Final Thoughts

Labradoodles can thrive by spending a little bit of time every day outside, however, they should not be kept outside for long periods of time. This breed of dog doesn’t do well with outdoor living for a variety of reasons. Outdoor living can possibly negatively impact both their physical and mental health. 

There are ways to make spending time outdoors more comfortable for your Labradoodle, such as having a kennel or doghouse. However, a Labradoodle shouldn’t spend more than 4 hours outside at a time. 

Knowing what your dog needs is important in having a good relationship with them. Understanding the conditions that they can and can’t handle helps keep your dog safe and happy. Labradoodles are definitely indoor and companion dogs. 

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