Are English Setters Easy To House Train?

Getting your new puppy house broken is usually a top priority for most new pet parents, especially if they have a large breed like an English Setter. House training your English Setter is going to take patience, but just how much time?

Are English Setters Easy To House Train 1 Are English Setters Easy To House Train?

Are English Setters easy to potty train? 

English Setters are easy to house train due to their breed background and intelligence level.  Their temperament and personality make them easy to train as they are friendly, calm, and focused. English Setters are highly intelligent dogs.  They are alert and eager to please their parent or human companion.  

Their history as hunting companions and sporting dogs required a lot of them in the way of good behavior, intelligence, and alertness.

English Setters thrive best when working and using their mind and body for an activity.  They enjoy being close to their human companion and in a family as a pack.  Since they thrive best in these environments, they will have the ability to learn many things naturally.

When you first welcome your English Setter puppy home, they will still need training.  Professional, formal training may be a good idea, but this depends on how they interact with their human companions.

In most cases, it’s simple for their human companion or parent to house train them without much fuss.   House training can take some effort on the part of the parent, so it’s important to be prepared and devote the necessary time to this task.

Parents should set aside time for house training when they are ready.  This process can begin as early as after 10 weeks, but it can begin later in the English Setters’ first year of life.  The older they are, the easier the process will go.  Their body and mind need time to develop; when they first come home from the breeder, they are still too young.

Even though the older they are, the easier they are to train, house training should ideally begin before they reach 4 months old.

Every dog will learn house training differently, regardless of breed.  Some English Setters will learn faster than others; there is no right or wrong time frame.  Therefore parents should be prepared for the unexpected and be patient but persistent.

The process should be smooth and straightforward with a  dog breed like the English Setter with a history of working and easy training.  That doesn’t mean every English Setter will train the same way, but for the most part, they should be easy to train.

How do I train my English Setter puppy?

Are English Setters Easy To House Train 1 1 Are English Setters Easy To House Train?

You train your English Setter puppy in the beginning in a very passive, real-life manner.  When they first arrive in their new home, they will be scared or anxious, and the English Setter puppy will need a few days or longer to adjust.

During this time, you will want to get to know your puppy and learn as much as you can about their personality and temperament.  Once this time passes, you will want to use real-life experiences to train your puppy in whatever they need to know.

This means you should talk to them about everything you are doing together.  Take them to the dog part, socialize them and engage them.   If they bite your fingers, you simply walking away will teach them the fun goes away, so they will learn to stop eventually.

Passive training allows the natural experiences of life to dictate what your puppy learns, when, and how.  It’s more gentle and harmonious for everyone.  In the meantime, as they grow bigger, you can begin regular training sessions for your English Setter puppy.

When formal training begins is up to the pet parent, and it should be discussed with their veterinarian.  Formal house training can begin when you, as the parent, have time and when they are interested.  Once the process starts, it’s good to continue with daily review and practice.

It takes every dog time to learn what’s being taught; all dogs are different.  The English Setter down the street may excel at House Training, but your English Setter takes weeks longer.  

As the trainer, you should be positive and kind but firm and persistent.  The trainer should have confidence in their position as the pack leader and instructor.

This confidence is needed, so the English Setter is more receptive to training.  Some dogs, particularly some English Setters, will expect the parent or other trainer to prove they should listen.  Any dog, regardless of breed, will try to overthrow the government and rule if you lack confidence.

Basically, if you want their respect, you have to be confident in your position as a leader.

If, at first, you don’t’ have success house training your English Setter puppy, it’s okay to take a break and begin again.  Sometimes they are not ready.  House training is a process that people often make more stressful than it needs to be.

It would be best if you had a plan before beginning the process.  Whether anticipating their need to go to the bathroom or using a crate, every individual dog and parent pair will be different, just like their lifestyle and close connection.

Training a puppy can be trying at certain times, and there’s no one size fits all.  Professional training can often be more effective as the trainer has more experience with a wide variety of dog behaviors and tools.

If this is an option for house training your English Setter, go right ahead.  If not, you can still effectively house train your English Setter puppy, and a crate can be a highly effective tool for getting the job done.

Treats are always a must during any training, and they are the motivation that can make a distracted dog eager to learn.   Positive reinforcement should be the standard as we all learn best in a positive and loving environment.

When house training and English Setter, patience, positivity, and Persistence will get the job done.

Final Points

House training an English Setter is usually pretty easy because they are highly intelligent and eager to learn and people please.

Not all English Setters will be the same, so patience must be given to those Headstrong English Setters who resist learning what’s being taught.

At the end of the day, your English Setter will be house trained; sometimes, it just takes a little longer than expected!

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