Are Maltipoos Yappy? The Truth!

Little dogs are cute, but, let’s face it, they can be pretty poorly behaved. Specifically, I’m talking about being yappy. Yes, oftentimes, this is just a result of the behavior of the small dog’s parents, but breed is definitely a factor as well. Some dogs are bred to bark and make noise while others were bred to be extremely quiet. So what about the Maltipoo? Are they yappy?

Are Maltipoos Yappy The Truth 1 Are Maltipoos Yappy? The Truth!

Are Maltipoos yappy?

Maltipoos can be yappy dogs, but this isn’t likely the case. Their breed background doesn’t dictate that they are yappy, and their temperament and personality say otherwise. Still, any dog can be yappy anytime.

Maltipoos are fairly quiet dogs under normal circumstances. If they have been trained and socialized properly and their home life is happy and loving, they will not usually have a reason to be yappy.

That being said, there are times when any dog, regardless of their breed background and temperament, can become yappy.

Maltipoos can be very sensitive in nature and can relate to anything in their home life or around them. Maltipoos can be sensitive to loud noises or sudden changes in their home life. They can also be sensitive to their owner or other people’s feelings and naturally pick up on the vibe, acting accordingly.

If there are disturbances in their home life or something happening outside their home, they can react and sometimes act yappy.   This is not normal for this cross breed back as with anything in life, feelings and behaviors can change based on many situations.

One reason that a Maltipoo might be yappy is their separation anxiety. This cross-bred dog can suffer from separation anxiety. Suppose their owners are not responsive to their needs in this area. In that case, they might become yappy or display other bad behaviors.

Regarding behaviors like yappiness for any dog breed, socialization and training can make all the difference in how the situation plays out. Proper socialization and training can teach a Maltipoo what is expected of them in their home environment and elsewhere.

This may not completely remedy yappiness if a Maltipoo displays this behavior. Still, it can go a long way to making life easier for everyone. It is important for a pet parent to also be responsive to the dog’s needs in this area.

Separation anxiety is a real issue for some dogs, and the Maltipoo is one of them.

How do I manage separation anxiety so my Maltipoo isn’t yappy?

Are Maltipoos Yappy The Truth 1 1 Are Maltipoos Yappy? The Truth!

The best way to manage separation anxiety so your Maltipoo isn’t yappy aside from socialization and training is planning. Planning for this issue before it happens can reduce the chance of your dog suffering this issue and being yappy.

If you work outside the home for a long time, you will want to have a family member, neighbor, or friend come into the home to take care of the Maltipoo. This can give them the attention and closeness they need and some socialization.

At first, they may not like the idea of you as the pet parent being away from home. With someone caring for and spending time with the Maltipoo, their needs are being met.

If that is not something that can be accomplished, there is also doggie daycare which can be great for the Maltipoo that might spend a lot of time home alone.

Suppose neither of these ideas is an option. In that case, you can prepare the home to reduce problems and provide diversion and entertainment. The Maltipoos home should be set up so they can safely enjoy their time while you’re away with toys and maybe some hidden treats.

Depending on the temperament of the Maltipoo, providing a nice window with a view can also provide diversion as long as it’s safe. The TV playing in the background or your voice when you call can also help.

For very social dog breeds like the Maltipoo, being away from their family and those they love can be very stressful for them. They don’t understand work and the busyness of life, and your being away can seem like forever.

The point is that there are many ways to remedy emotional issues like separation anxiety in your Maltipoo. Thoughtful planning, training, and socialization are often all that are needed.

What can I do if my Maltipoo is a yapper?

What you can do if your Maltipoo is a yapper is go through a review of their training. Maltipoo is very easy to train, but every dog needs a training review from time to time.

Certain issues can arise in a dog’s life where they might forget themselves, or something traumatic turns into a bad habit like yapping. For instance, if the Maltipoo is scared by something and starts yapping to tell everyone something is wrong.

If the yapping continues and is left unchecked or their fears are not addressed, the behavior can come up again and again. They experience another fear or something that surprises them, and they might become yappy again.

Suppose the behavior continues to be left unchecked. In that case, it can become a habit that the Maltipoo doesn’t even realize they shouldn’t do.   They forget all about what they learned because the behavior was left unchecked.

Refreshers in training and what’s expected of them are a normal part of every dog’s life, just like human children. We all forget ourselves sometimes, and these review moments remind the dog of what is expected.

It may take more than one time to get the dog to stop being yappy and address the underlying issue, but it is possible to fix it at the moment. This requires activeness on the pet parents’ part, and sometimes this is hard for us to do with our busy lives.

Suppose that doesn’t work, or time doesn’t allow for a review. In that case, another method is to remove the Maltipoo from the situation. Changing the environment or providing a diversion sometimes resets the dog’s emotional state, and they forget why they were yapping in the first place.

Pet parents might find it helpful to take them for a walk or do something that the Maltipoo enjoys to reset the moment, so they stop yapping.

Final Thoughts

Any dog can be yappy, depending on the situation. Maltipoos are not notorious for yapping, but if their needs for attention are not met, it can become a problem. Providing the right environment and ensuring they are trained can reduce the chance they will be yappy!

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