How Often Should I Take My Maltipoo Out? A Guide By Age

Potty training can be a real chore, especially for Maltipoo owners. Once you get the hang of it, making sure you keep your Maltipoo on a regular bathroom schedule is key. But just how frequently does your Maltipoo need to go outside to do their business?

How Often Should I Take My Maltipoo Out 1 1 How Often Should I Take My Maltipoo Out? A Guide By Age

How often do you need to take a Maltipoo outside?

You should take your Maltipoo out at least 3-5 times per day if they are an adult Maltipoo who needs a bathroom break. It depends on their age and what stage of life they are currently in. If your Maltipoo is a puppy just learning the ropes of potty training, they will need to be taken out as often as their small bodies can withstand.

This timing will be different for every Maltipoo puppy, depending on age and how well the training goes. For senior Maltipoos, how often they go out might go back up from 3-5 times per day to something more. This situation is because the Maltipoo is older, has health issues, and needs more bathroom breaks.

If you are simply taking them for a walk, for exercise and activity, not including bathroom breaks, they should go out at least 2-3 times. Adult Maltipoos need at least 30-45 minutes of exercise. This can be broken down into different lengths for each outdoor adventure.

Whatever fits the pet parents’ lifestyle will work. Whether it’s 3 outdoor outings of 10 minutes or something else, it doesn’t matter.

The age of the Maltipoo will also affect these outdoor adventures. If you take a Maltipoo puppy out, they can also go on 2-3 or more outdoor adventures, but they might need to be shorter in length each trip.

Senior Maltipoos will also need to go out for some sunshine and fresh air, and they might need shorter walks, more or less depending on their health and age.

Do I need to take my Maltipoo puppy out sooner if they have an accident?

Yes, in most cases, you will need to take your Maltipoo puppy out sooner if they have an accident. It depends on the puppy’s age and where they are in the potty-training process. During the potty-training phase, bathroom breaks outside are more often when they are little.

The older Maltipoo gets, the longer they can wait between breaks. Accidents might still happen, and things may need to be repeatedly adjusted. The process of potty training a Maltipoo is not always easy, and it can be a back-and-forth series of steps as they learn and move towards adulthood.

Depending on their age, it may be necessary for the Maltipoo puppy to go outside every 15 – 30 minutes at the beginning of the process. As they get closer to adulthood or have learned potty training, they can wait a few hours between going outside.

If you find that shortening the time between bathroom outings is too much and they aren’t doing anything while outside, you can space them out further and try again.

Do I always have to take my Maltipoo out on a walk?

How Often Should I Take My Maltipoo Out 1 How Often Should I Take My Maltipoo Out? A Guide By Age

No, you don’t always have to take your Maltipoo for a walk. Maltipoos are small dogs that can easily adjust to going outside in their own backyard.

Having their own space to go to the bathroom and enjoy some outdoor fun is a nice gift to provide your dog. It isn’t necessary but can provide the pet parent some time to relax while enjoying the outdoors.

Maltipoos are energetic; therefore, having a place to call home base where they can enjoy their own space is a plus. What could be a great way to manage outdoor time for you and your Maltipoo is to provide both.

Once a day, you could take your Maltipoo on a long walk. Then another time, you can both enjoy some playtime in your backyard. And still, a third time, you could visit a dog park. Whatever you choose, the point is that your Maltipoo needs activity and the great outdoors to enjoy and be healthy.

What if my Maltipoo doesn’t like to go out?

Suppose your Maltipoo doesn’t like to go out, which is virtually unheard of. In that case, you should encourage some outside time aside from bathroom breaks.

Whatever the reason, fear, stress, noise, or something else, outdoor time provides fresh air, sunshine, and many other good things for your dog. Being outside creates space for having fun and being a bit wild. What dog doesn’t have a lot of energy to burn, including the Maltipoo.

If your Maltipoo truly doesn’t like going outside for any reason, you can begin slowly. Regardless of age, the Maltipoo can be held during an outdoor adventure. The pet parent can take the Maltipoo out in their arms and walk around the yard or neighborhood.

The parent could talk soothingly and positively to them about all the fun and what they see, so the Maltipoo relaxes and engages with the outside world. This process can take a few trips, and once the Maltipoo seems relaxed enough, the parent could set them down in the grass on a leash to see how they handle the next step.

If all goes well, the Maltipoo and pet parent can go for a short walk or simply enjoy standing in the backyard.  It may take a little bit of convincing on the pet parents’ part, but at some point, whatever caused the issue in the first place will be resolved.

The point is time out in the world is a positive thing for the Maltipoos health. If they don’t want to go outside, that is understandable; we all have felt like that sometimes. Letting them experience the outside world while feeling safe and loved is important.

Stay close by and be ready to provide a loving set of arms to hold them and be their safe haven. If you do that, even the most frightened, stressed, and nervous Maltipoo will grow to love their time outside.

Final Thoughts

Going out for bathroom breaks or sunshine time is vital to every dog’s health and life. Maltipoos should go out as often as they need for bathroom breaks and a few times per day for sun and fun. Providing them with this time promotes wellness, enriches their lives, and provides time for you to spend together having fun!

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