How Much Exercise Does An American Bulldog Need?

Every dog needs exercise, but the amount of exercise that they need depends on the breed that they are. Some dogs need a lot of exercise because they were bred with a lot of energy and spend a lot of time outside. Other dogs don’t need as much because they were bred to be relaxed lap dogs. 

How Much Exercise Does An American Bulldog Need 1 1 How Much Exercise Does An American Bulldog Need?

How Much Exercise Does An American Bulldog Need? 

An American Bulldog needs 1 to 2 hours of exercise every day. However, different health conditions that the American Bulldog can get throughout its life can impact the amount of exercise that they can get in a day. 

If you thought that this dog wouldn’t need as much exercise because of their size, then you would be incorrect. American Bulldogs need 1 to 2 hours of exercise daily, which is similar to the needs of beagles, retrievers, and shepherds. 

American Bulldogs are a breed of dog that has lots of energy that needs to be used up every day. When any dog isn’t able to use up all of its energy, it can get bored. A bored dog is never good because it can lead to destructive behaviors in your Bulldog in an attempt to cure that boredom. 

When an American Bulldog gets its needed exercise in a day, they use up all of its extra energy and boredom won’t be an issue. 

This breed of dog is also super muscular. In their compact bodies, American Bulldogs have a lot of muscles surrounding their torsos and legs. 

Getting the proper amount of exercise allows them to work and preserve those muscles. Exercise will keep your American Bulldog strong and will prevent unnecessary fatigue. 

American Bulldogs were bred for work. Breeders wanted a dog that was compact with a ton of muscles, which gave them the American Bulldog. These dogs used to work on farms and would sometimes have to fight off larger creatures such as bulls. 

Not getting the proper amount of exercise is harmful to any dog, but to the American Bulldog, it can create so many more problems. The American Bulldog can grow weak, tired, and bored from lack of exercise. Make sure to give your American Bulldog plenty of exercise so that they can thrive. 

What is The Easiest Way to Exercise an American Bulldog?

While there are many different ways to give your American Bulldog exercise, there’s a method that’s easy and efficient. 

Walking Your American Bulldog

Taking your American Bulldog on walks is one of the easiest ways to get their 1 to 2 hours of exercise every day. If you break up their exercise into several walks, you’ll be able to get their exercise in without much effort. 

An American Bulldog can go on a 30-minute to 1-hour walk twice a day. Start off the day by taking your American Bulldog on a walk, and then end the day with a walk as well. American Bulldogs love to go on walks because they can explore the world around them. 

A walk in the morning and a walk in the evening are highly beneficial to your American Bulldog. It allows them to get all their exercise in a scheduled manner and it allows them to work their brain at the same time through exploration. 

How Much Exercise Does An American Bulldog Need 1 How Much Exercise Does An American Bulldog Need?

Avoid Midday Walks

By taking them on a walk at the beginning and end of the day, you also avoid the hot sun of midday. Especially if you live in an area that often gets very warm in the middle of the day, it is not a good idea to take your American Bulldog on a walk while the sun is high in the sky.

One reason for this is that the sun can make the ground way too hot for dog paws to handle. This is a problem that can happen no matter what dog breed you have. The sun can make pavement extremely hot, and it can burn the paws of your dog. To check if the pavement is too hot, place your hand on the ground.

If you can’t hold it there for 5 to 10 seconds, it’s too hot for your dog to walk on for an hour. 

The next problem with midday walks is that American Bulldogs can’t handle hot temperatures. American Bulldogs have squished noses that already make it harder for them to breathe. 

When exercising, dogs have to breathe harder to both keep cool and get the proper oxygen levels. However, because of their squished noses, breathing in the hot air is difficult. 

Have you ever struggled to get a full breath in an area with superhot air? That’s a similar sensation to what an American Bulldog (or other dogs with squished noses) experience when it’s hot outside. 

The cooler air of morning and evening is much easier for your American Bulldog to breathe in. 

If the day is particularly warm, opt for shorter walks for your American Bulldog. As long as your American Bulldog is getting at least 1 hour of exercise in a day, then they will be okay with not walking as long. Besides, there are other methods of exercise as well!

What Are Other Ways for an American Bulldog to Get Exercise?

There are many options for any dog to get exercise. Some dogs can be perfectly happy getting all their exercise in through indoor activities, and some thrive by being outdoors. American Bulldogs do great with a combination of both. Depending on the size of your house, you can do some of the outdoor activities inside. 

Play Games

Now, who doesn’t love a good game? There’s a wide range of games that your American Bulldog can play to get in exercise. 

Some games that you can play with your American Bulldog include fetch, frisbee, tug of war, flirt pole, or even a dog obstacle course. Not only are these games super fun for your American Bulldog, but it provides great exercise and leads to better bonding between you and your American Bulldog. 


Before we get ahead, an American Bulldog cannot safely swim in a lake or a pool. They aren’t able to keep themselves afloat without risking exhaustion. However, they can still enjoy the water in other ways that allow them to get their exercise in.

Splashing around in a kiddie pool both can keep your American Bulldog cool during a hot day while allowing them to work off some of their energy. 

A sprinkler system allows your American Bulldog to run around in the backyard while preventing them from overheating because of the cool water. This is great if your American Bulldog has a lot of energy to work off. 

If you have it, a slip n slide is great for the whole family, including your American Bulldog. This allows your American Bulldog to run by having them run from the end of the slide back to the start, and it’s also super fun watching them slide down. 

Dog Park

Bringing your American Bulldog to a dog park is a great opportunity to have them run around with other dogs and socialize as well. This is great if your American Bulldog needs more socialization to prevent social and separation anxiety in your Bulldog. It’s also a great space to play games or simply run/walk around. 

The dog park is a super versatile space that allows for so much opportunity. What you can do there can change by the day depending on the other dogs there and what your American Bulldog is feeling up to. 

Be Mindful of your American Bulldogs Health

When your American Bulldog is exercising, there are many things to keep in mind. First of all, always make sure that you have water on you to give to your American Bulldogs. Dogs can easily get dehydrated when exercising, and the short noses of an American Bulldog make dehydration even easier.

Keeping water on you will allow your American Bulldog to stay hydrated and to stay cool. If you notice your American Bulldog panting more than usual, let them stop and take a drink. 

Again, keep their noses in mind. An American Bulldog has to work harder to breathe than other dogs, which puts them more at risk of overexertion. If your dog suddenly gets fatigued and is acting unusual, let them take a break before resuming exercise. If necessary, stop the exercise and allow them to go home. 

Final Thoughts 

Don’t let the size of an American Bulldog fool you, these dogs need plenty of exercise every single day. Specially, these dogs need between 1 to 2 hours of exercise per day to stay both happy and healthy. 

There are so many ways for your American Bulldog to get in the needed exercise and all these options can be super fun. From going on walks to playing games, an American Bulldog can have a great time working off all the energy that they have. 

Besides, exercising with your dog is a great bonding experience that will bring you and your American Bulldog together. 

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