Smelly Springer Spaniel? Reasons Why, Ways To Help, & When To Worry

Does your Spring Spaniel chronically stink? It’s a common problem. Some Springer Spaniel parents say their dog stinks even right after the bath; some even say the bath makes it worse! So why do Springer Spaniels often smell bad?

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Why does my Springer Spaniel smell?

The reasons your Springer Spaniels smells can be varied. Some dogs have a certain doggie odor characteristic of our furry four-pawed family members, and Springer Spaniels, however, have a different scent from their waterproof fur coat.

Springer Spaniels were bred to be hunting companions and spent many long hours outside in the elements. When this breed was created, they needed a fur coat, skin, and physique that could withstand diverse weather conditions without a problem.

They also had to be able to ensure the rough terrain they would be traipsing through to flush out the game and retrieve it for their human hunting partner. That required a fur coat that was durable, thick, insulated, and waterproof.

Since dogs with regular coats can have doggie smell issues, adding this style of fur coat to the mix on a Springer Spaniel, and you have a recipe for some unusual stink. 

What Type Of Dog Is A Gordon Setter 5 Smelly Springer Spaniel? Reasons Why, Ways To Help, & When To Worry

Their fur coat serves them well in the outdoors, but it can create a unique aroma after a long day or days of being outside hunting through the ice, rain, mud, or any other terrain.

Since the Springer Spaniels fur coat is water repelling and resistant, the fur coat is like that of a duck. Their fur coat is thick with a mild oily film that coats the fur to protect it from the elements.

A stinky doggie might be bad enough, but it can get ugly quickly if the Springer Spaniel’s oily fur isn’t cleaned often enough to match their outdoor lifestyle.

Springer Spaniels can also stink for other reasons related to their teeth, paws, hind end, unhealthy diet, health issues, flatulence, and ears. One common area where a Springer Spaniel can suffer issues is the anal glands and the ears. 

They can also suffer from a genetic skin disorder known as Primary Seborrhea that causes an odor for some Springer Spaniels.

How do I clean up my Springer Spaniel’s smell?

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The best way to clean up your Springer Spaniel’s smell is to give them a bath. They should be bathed as often as they need, depending on how dirty they are and how much they stink. That said, they shouldn’t be bathed if they don’t truly need it.

Overbathing can cause dry skin and other issues with the dog’s fur coat and skin. Bath as needed and with a gentle soap designed for dogs that can be used as often as needed.

Brushing also helps keep your Springer Spaniel clean in between baths and lessens the stink. Brushing when a Springer Spaniel comes inside from the outdoors is a good idea, emphasizing those hidden areas where problems can arise.

If you brush them as a ritual every few days, all the better. Their fur is thick and capable of harboring some pretty dirty, stinky stuff, and brushing reduces the chance that dirt, filth, and stink happen in the first place.

Giving a Springer Spaniel a bath should not happen more than once weekly. On the flip side, they should be bathed at least once every few months. When they are bathed or brushed, the parent can inspect the other areas of their body.

Since ear infections, stinky toes, flatulence, poor diet, and bad teeth can also cause an unusual stink on a dog, these areas should also be examined.

In these moments, a parent can discover if the Springer Spaniel has a stink coming from other areas of their body and deal with them at that time.

Sometimes it can be a combination of more than one stink, an ear infection, teeth that need to be brushed, and their oily fur coat. Each issue must be addressed not just for the bad aroma but also for their health.

Their veterinarian can deal with certain stinks and can provide medication for infections or deal with tooth decay.  Health and wellness can be greatly affected if these issues are left untreated.  That can be far more dangerous and troublesome than the initial stink the Springer Spaniel had.

Regular brushing and grooming are healthy habits to start early in your Springer Spaniels’ life. The sooner they learn to accept this type of handling, the easier the process will be.

A parent performing this grooming routine can also be a great way for everyone to bond and share a special moment.

Soothing conversation after a busy day outdoors, some comforting brushing, and some treats can make the process easier.

What Type Of Dog Is A Gordon Setter 7 Smelly Springer Spaniel? Reasons Why, Ways To Help, & When To Worry

What makes the smell of a dog so unique?

What makes a dog’s smell so unique is its physical body’s many facets that differ from ours. From sweat glands in various parts of the body, including the nose, ears, and paws, to their oily fur coats, they’re different.

These unique body areas can add odor and warn us when something is wrong with the smell. Glands in various body parts can produce foul smells that are sometimes easy to fix and require a trip to the veterinarian.

When should my Springer Spaniel go to the vet because they smell?

You should take your Springer Spaniel to the vet for a smell if it doesn’t go away for a long time after continuous grooming and bathing. Another reason would be a new smell, something that smells different from the typical smells a Springer Spaniel dog has, as listed above.

Some instances would be they have an odor coming from their mouth, and after days of brushing and some cleaning treats, that area still smells just as bad. Some health conditions can crop up in a dog’s life that only reveal themselves through odor but require a trip to the vet.

Closing Points

Springer Spaniels have their unique stink, and not the good kind, and it can come from various reasons but most commonly their waterproof fur coat.

Bathing and grooming are the best way to manage and eliminate their stink. While there is no guarantee they won’t be smelling bad tomorrow morning, at least you’ll get some relief for a few hours.

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