Can Boston Terriers Be Kept Outside?

Boston Terriers love being outside! At the end of the day, some pet parents even have a hard time calling their Boston in from the yard.

Those pet parents may be tempted to keep their Boston Terrier outside more often, maybe even full time.

After all, they seem to like it. But can Boston Terriers be kept outside?

Can Boston Terriers Be Kept Outside?

Boston Terriers should not be kept outside full-time or even most of the time. They can spend short periods outside when the weather is temperate, and they should not spend time outside during the night or when there are storms under any circumstance. 

Boston Terriers should always be kept watch when they are outside, even for a short time. 

Boston Terriers will enjoy short bursts of outdoor time during comfortable weather to expel their energy and relieve their curiosity about their world.

Every dog loves to spend time outside, and your Boston Terrier will love the new smells, sights, and things to explore. 

As a smart, energetic, and friendly dog, your Boston Terrier will find new adventures and benefit tremendously from this time outside.

It is important that the Boston Terrier be watched when they are outside to keep them safe, and this is especially true when the weather is extremely hot or cold.

Boston Terriers are a dog breed that doesn’t deal with extremely hot or cold temperatures and can suffer from issues related to their respiratory tract.

Suppose the parent can spend time with them outdoors all the better. 

Gardening, yard work, or a neighborhood walk are great ways for the Boston Terrier and parents to get gentle exercise and explore life.

If that is not possible, the parent should keep a close eye on them at all times and make sure that the weather is not too hot or cold. 

If they must go outside to use the bathroom or investigate something when the weather is extremely hot or cold, the parent must insist that the time is very short.

The Boston Terrier is a dog breed with a short nose; this can cause respiratory issues if they exercise too wild or spend too much time running around outside.  

Can Boston Terriers Be Kept Outside 1 Can Boston Terriers Be Kept Outside?

They can naturally have issues with their respiratory health due to this pre-existing health condition.

Extreme weather can cause issues for any dog, but some dog breeds can be more susceptible to issues, and the Boston Terrier is one of those breeds.

If they must be outside during slightly hotter or cooler weather than normal, for longer than a short amount of time, the parent should keep a close eye on them, and they should have a place to rest that is out of the heat or cold. 

This could be a doghouse with a heat mat or a shady spot with a cooling mat and bowl of fresh cool water.

Boston Terriers are susceptible to issues related to extreme heat or cold exposure, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy some fun outside every day with the right equipment and a watchful eye.

During the day, it is helpful to make sure that they are well hydrated and rest before they spend any amount of time outdoors. 

It is also important to note if they suffer from certain health issues, that could make the time outside more stressful.

If they are dealing with a health issue, their time outside should be short and sweet. If not, they can spend time outside with the right tools and a parent’s watchful eye for a bit longer than that.

What should I do if my Boston Terrier seems to be stressed by the outdoors?

If at any time you notice that your Boston Terrier seems physically stressed during their time outside, it is best to bring them indoors. 

Depending on the severity of their symptoms, you may need to call the veterinarian.

Bring them indoors and place them in a cool location if the weather is hot.

Please provide them with cool water and encourage them to relax by sitting with them and helping them enjoy some calm petting and affection.

If the weather is cold, bring them indoors and place them in a warm location. 

Gradually attempt to warm them up with a blanket or some snuggles and keep them calm at this time.

Keeping them calm during these stressful times reduces the stress load on their body. 

They are already physically stressed from the weather or whatever is causing the issue; allowing them to be wild or energetic will only make matters worse.

How their body responds to these treatments will determine if the treatment is working or whether you need to call their veterinarian for further assistance.

If I live in a temperate climate and it doesn’t cause issues for my Boston Terrier, can I leave them outside unsupervised?

No. You should not leave your Boston Terrier unsupervised while outside if you live in a temperate climate and they don’t have issues. 

Anything can happen at any given moment in your Boston Terriers’ time outside, and they should be watched.

Their personality is curious and energetic, which means they might look to investigate something they shouldn’t, like that unseen hole at the bottom of the fence that leads out the yard to the busy street.

It is possible that nature takes its course, and depending on where you live, your Boston Terrier could be attacked by a wild animal that lives in the woods not far away from your house.

The possibilities are endless, and each scenario is different. It only takes a blink of an eye for a situation to arise that could be harmful to your Boston Terrier. 

They can’t open the door to let themselves into the house; therefore, they should always be supervised.

Closing Points

It is never okay to leave your Boston Terrier outside for long periods for various reasons. 

Boston Terriers, first off, are not the type of dog that thrives in an outdoor environment.

Even though it can be tempting, considering they have endless energy, it is best to avoid this unless you plan to join them yourself.

When it doubts, take time out and spend some time with them outside. 

The possibilities for connecting and having fun are endless, and it lets you keep a close eye on your Boston Terriers’ health which is always of the utmost importance!

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