Do Maltipoos Have A Lot Of Health Problems? The Truth!

It’s important to consider your dog’s long-term health when picking out the right breed for you. Some dogs are extremely healthy and can live for close to two decades, while others are prone to health problems that limit their lifespans to only six or seven years. If you’re considering getting a Maltipoo, you should consider any and all health problems that they may be prone to before you decide.

Do Maltipoos Have A Lot Of Health Problems 1 Do Maltipoos Have A Lot Of Health Problems? The Truth!

Are Maltipoos prone to health problems?

Maltipoos do not usually have a lot of health problems. The breed has very few health issues and usually has a life expectancy of about ten to fifteen years. Each dog within the breed will be individual and different from another, even in the same litter, but they are generally healthy. 

The Maltipoo is a mixed or cross breed between the Maltese and Poodle.

From the Maltese gene pool, the Maltipoos can inherit a liver disease related to a series of veins running through and around the liver. The birth defect causes a problem with the liver’s ability to filter blood through it.

This problem, known as Portosystemic Shunts disease, can be quite a costly procedure, well into the thousands of dollars depending on the veterinarian.

Shaker Syndrome is an inherited disease that causes tremors from a neurological issue.   This health problem is treatable and somewhat inexpensive, depending on the veterinarian.

Another issue known as Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis is an inflammatory disease that also causes tissue to swell throughout the body, particularly in the brain and the central nervous system. The Maltipoo will usually die within a few months or sooner as the prognosis is not good.

There is no medical cure, and the necessary treatment is sought to provide comfort and ease suffering.  This disease can be very devastating for the dog as well as the family.  The sooner it is diagnosed, the sooner the Maltipoo can receive important medications so they don’t suffer.

Finally, from the pure-bred Maltese parent, the Maltipoo can inherit Ocular Ulcers, which come about due to some trauma that happens to their eye. It could be anything big or small, a scratch or something foreign entering the eye, and it causes the eye to ulcerate in that area, leading to vision loss if left untreated.

The expense for this issue can be small if it’s a one-time thing, but some Maltipoo has repeat issues as their eyes are prone to these ulcers.   These problems can become quite expensive in some cases, but the issues are treatable if caught early.

From the pure-bred Poodle parent, the Maltipoo can inherit Addison’s Disease, which is a destruction of the vital Adrenal Glands which regulate many bodily functions. It is a treatable condition and not very expensive if caught early, and monthly medication and veterinary maintenance are needed.

The Maltipoo can also suffer bloat, which comes from excess gas and causes stomach twisting, which can cut off blood to the stomach and death of that organ which causes a deadly toxic bodily substance to be filtered to the rest of the body.

This problem can be a life-threatening emergency and must be treated immediately. It can be costly because of its sudden onset and emergency.

Poodles also pass along hip dysplasia which is a common orthopedic condition. If left untreated, the condition can cause issues with mobility later in life. Thankfully there are numerous treatment options with many prices to fit into various budgets so the Maltipoo can be cared for properly.

Finally, the Poodle parent can pass on a dislocated knee condition that can come on for many reasons. Luxating Patella is a condition that has different stages, from easily fixable to chronic and debilitating. It most often requires surgery.

Why is the Maltipoo usually healthier than the pure-bred parents?

Do Maltipoos Have A Lot Of Health Problems 1 1 Do Maltipoos Have A Lot Of Health Problems? The Truth!

The Maltipoo is usually healthier than the pure-bred parents because they are a mixed dog breed. Mixed dog breeds, or crossbreeds as they are known, have a larger gene pool from which they are created. This crossbreeding reduces the chance that they will suffer from any one major health problem or another.

Despite that, it can still be impossible to know for sure. There is always the chance that a dog from one generation or another Maltipoo will end up being sick or having major health problems.

The genes of a mixed dog breed come from two pure-bred dogs. In the case of the Maltipoo, it comes from the Poodle and the Maltese. Since there is less of each pure-bred gene and the pool is larger with each generation, dogs are healthier.

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be a Maltipoo that doesn’t have a major health issue; there will be a few. But the crossbreed as a whole will generally be healthier.

The above-listed conditions are common with their pure-bred parents, and the number of diagnoses for the Maltipoo is less.

How do I make sure that my Maltipoo stays healthy throughout his life?

The best way to ensure that your Maltipoo stays healthy throughout his life is to take him to his regular veterinary visits and feed him a healthy diet. Make sure his life is balanced with enough exercise, rest, and plenty of love, attention, and social time.

This lifestyle may not be the answer to every health problem. It will not guarantee perfect health, but it will give your Maltipoo the best chance possible for a long healthy life which is all a parent can ask for their fur baby.

Good quality food, clean, fresh water, and plenty of exercise are the right ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. Adding comfort, a safe home environment, and well-balanced health is easy.

If a parent promotes a healthy lifestyle, any issues that arise will be addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible, guaranteeing the longest, most healthy life possible for the Maltipoo.

Closing Points

Health problems are a part of life for everyone, dog and human. The Maltipoo can suffer a mixture of health issues that stem from their two pure-bred parent breeds. Since they are a cross-bred dog breed, they usually don’t suffer as many severe issues because they are usually healthier with a larger gene pool.

Even though this is the case, Maltipoos can still suffer health problems, but they are minimal. Promote a healthy, well-rounded life, and you will find the Maltipoo has the best possible life they can for as long as they can!

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