Are Boston Terriers Picky Eaters?

Dealing with a dog who is a picky eater makes every single meal a pain in the butt.

If you’ve ever experienced one of these types of dogs before, you’re surely not anxious to repeat the process of convincing your dog to eat their food.

So what about Boston Terriers? Are they picky eaters?

Are Boston Terriers Picky Eaters?

Boston Terriers are not picky eaters for the typical reason that most dogs are picky. Boston Terriers are typically selective eaters because they have delicate digestive systems that require them to eat a special diet that keeps them healthy and their tummies feeling well, but they are not particularly picky.

Some Boston Terriers can be prone to gas, which can cause discomfort in their delicate digestive systems, but the right diet and food can make all the difference in how they feel.

The Boston Terrier may like the smell and taste of the foods they are offered, but in some instances, they may have had previous tummy issues with the food, so they turn their nose up at it.

They may refuse to eat that food based on memory. 

The Boston Terrier might recall the food itself by its smell, taste, or both and may decide they don’t want to eat it.

Whatever the reason, it is not usually picky eating for the simple reason of being picky but out of self-preservation.

Sometimes if a Boston Terrier has trouble with many different foods, they may begin to turn their nose up at everything that passes across their lips and nose. 

It isn’t that they don’t want to eat what is offered; they don’t want to feel sick and have a tummy ache.  

The Boston Terrier would rather avoid eating the food, so they don’t feel that way again. 

What does it mean for a dog to be a picky eater?

Are Boston Terriers Picky Eaters 1 Are Boston Terriers Picky Eaters?

Picky eating is a learned trait based on what is acceptable in their environment.

For instance, a Boston Terrier might decide that they really like the taste of the treats the parent bought the other day.

The first day they get quite a few of them because they behave extra good, and now they don’t want anything else.

When they are picky, they might refuse their dog food, other treats, or anything, hoping they will win the fight and get those tasty treats they want to have again.

Most Boston Terriers are not true picky eaters, but they can become that way if the parent entertains this and allows them to decide what they are going to eat.

If a Boston Terrier is truly being a picky eater and its not related to tummy troubles, persistence and patience on the parent’s part will win the day. 

Offering the usual dog food over and over again and refusing to give in to their wants will teach them that being picky accomplishes nothing.

If a Boston Terrier isn’t eating, it is most often due to their delicate digestive system and not necessarily picky eating.

What can I do if my Boston Terrier seems to be a picky eater?

If your Boston Terrier seems to be a picky eater, if this is the first time it is happening, you should first look at what you are feeding your dog.

Since this breed can be prone to digestive issues, their veterinarian or breeder may have made this aware to you and instructed you to feed them a particular diet for their overall health and comfort.

If that is the case and you have strayed from the recommended diet for whatever reason, it is best to return to that diet so they will eat without tummy aches.

If for some reason, this is the first time it has happened, or their veterinarian or breeder never discussed the possibility of digestive issues, you will want to look at what they are eating.

Not all Boston Terriers have digestive issues, and some digestive issues can come and go like they do with us humans.

If you think back to their eating habits, you may discover certain foods, whether dog food or human food, made them feel better than others. 

If that is the case, you should remove the food they don’t want to eat and provide them with something they will eat.

If you as the parent have no idea since this is new to you, it can be helpful to contact their breeder or veterinarian to discuss this health issue and what can be done so your Boston Terrier gets back to eating and feeling healthy.

What should I feed and do if my Boston Terrier has digestive issues?

What you should feed and do if your Boston Terrier has digestive issues is look at their diet.

Their dog food should be the highest quality dog food you can afford that doesn’t have additives, fillers, or grains.

Dog food should contain considerable amounts of protein and healthy amounts of vegetables, fruits, and probiotics which keep the digestive system healthy, strong, and working properly.

The best choice is to select dog foods that are easily digested, which means choosing proteins like lamb, salmon, or chicken. 

It should be noted that the protein should not be fillers or by-products, which can be unhealthy and hard to digest.

Some Boston Terriers might like dog food made of smaller pieces that make digestion easier and smoother for their delicate system. 

Such ingredients like beans and peas are not good ingredients as they can cause gas in the dogs’ digestive system so they should be avoided.

It can be a good idea if the dog food has essential vitamins and antioxidants, but this should be discussed with their veterinarian first.

One final word on dog food is that it may be tempting to trade up dog foods from time to time, so the Boston Terrier doesn’t get bored with the flavor.  

This change is not a good idea from a digestive perspective.

Swapping dog foods should be done gradually when they do happen.

You should start by using the same dog food they have been eating and adding a few sprinkles of the new dog food. 

Then a few days later, you can add more of the new dog food and less of the old.

And so forth until they are no longer eating the old dog food.

During this slow transition period, you should pay close attention to how the Boston Terrier physically reacts to this change and how they seem to feel.

If the Boston Terrier has digestive troubles or refuses to eat it, it is best to completely go back to the old dog food, even if it seems boring

The idea is to get nutrition into your dog and keep them healthy and feeling good. 

Sometimes that may mean sacrificing taste and excitement. 

If your Boston Terrier has digestive issues related to their dog food, you should take a break from feeding them for a few hours and provide as much comfort and soothing as possible.

If they have gas, it will eventually pass, and eating while this happens may not be a good idea.

If you know of something they can eat that doesn’t cause issues, you can feed them that while you wait for the gas or digestive trouble to resolve itself.

If the Boston Terrier turns up their nose, there is no need for alarm; it may be better for them to not eat for a little while. 

Let the dog do what feels best to them since you don’t physically feel what they are going through.

If they don’t eat for a full day or more, it may be best to consult their veterinarian to ensure that nothing else is wrong with their digestive system.

Final Thoughts

Picky eating is a learned habit, but many people believe it is the same as a dog refusing to eat because they might have tummy troubles.

Boston Terriers are known for usually coming across as picky eaters, but they have sensitive digestive systems that require a specific diet.

Provide your Boston Terrier with what they need, and they will eat everything you give them and thrive!

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