Why are small dogs so annoying?

I’ve been around dogs all my life, but I never thought I would be writing a blog post about small dogs. But here we are because these little guys are so darn annoying.

In fact, they’re more than just annoying – they can actually be dangerous to your big dog! Yes, you read that correctly: some of the things that seem harmless to a small dog can actually have devastating effects on your larger fur baby.

So before you let them get away with any more mischief, please read this article to learn how to protect them from themselves.

People who have small dogs always seem to think they’re so cute and cuddly. Guess what? They are!

Here’s a list of why I think some of these adorable little furballs should be banned from society (just kidding here):

Why are small dogs so annoying?

  1. They bark at everything.
  2. They always get in your way
  3. They have high pitched barks
  4. Their owners usually spoil them
  5. You have to carry them everywhere  (it’s embarassing)
  6. They can have small dog syndrome
  7. They are possessive
  8. They are too small to be useful for anything 
  9. They can be jerks

I don’t hate small dogs. I just don’t like them. I’m talking chihuahuas, Yorkies, and the little “posh” type of dogs by small. I mean, Yorkies can be cute, but ugh.

Small dogs are just so darn annoying, and I think they should all wear bark collars!

There is one breed I don’t mind, though, the Shih Tsu. I think they’re sweet and kind. That’s where I draw the line, though.

You won’t see me getting a small dog anytime soon.

#1 They Bark at Everything

Have you ever noticed how uptight they are? The quietest sound sends them into a barking and yipping frenzy. I mean, they have some serious fear issues going on.

Small dogs bark at everything and anything. They seem to be on high alert, always barking without any notice or provocation whatsoever!

When you adopt a small dog, it’s almost a guarantee that you will get woken up at the wee hours of the morning. Especially those times your small pooch has the insatiable craving to bark at nothing…and everything.

The sounds are usually surprisingly loud and jarring for such tiny creatures.

#2 They’re always in your way

You know that feeling you get when a small dog is walking all over your feet?

They’re usually barking at your feet, in my experience. One walked right under my feet and yelped when I stepped on him. What was he thinking? When I was visiting a new friend’s house, it felt like he was trying to get her to not like me.

That dog really messed up my game.

Small dogs are always so close. It’s like they aren’t aware of their surroundings or something. They never learn their place in the world, as, you know, small dogs.

They like to act like bigs dogs, but as soon as they get stepped on by running right under your feet, they throw a tantrum.

#3 Their High Pitched Bark is Annoying

Why is it that small dogs have such annoying high-pitched barks?

Maybe the barrage of barking would be tolerable if they had some bass in their voice. But that won’t happen any time soon!

#4 Their owners spoil them

What is it with small dogs? Why are they always spoiled? I mean, I picture those tiny little guys camping out on their master’s lap. Snapping and barking at anyone that gets too close to their human. Out of jealously or something.

If you own a small dog and spoil your dog, why do you do it? Are they really that demanding? They seem to like it to me.

Yes, they can be cute…sort of like one of those cute star wars creatures that turn out to have fangs–and be deadly.

Maybe I’ve just had one too many traumatic encounters with small dogs. The few I can think of have all been spoiled.

#5 They can’t walk very far

You have to carry a small dog everywhere because they can’t walk very far. It’s embarrassing when you’re in public. I don’t know from experience. I know because I chuckle every time I see a chihuahua exhaust itself after a 2 or 3-minute walk, and their owners have to carry them.

#6 Small Dog Syndrome

Small dog syndrome is when a small dog feels inadequate because of its size. They compensate for their size with aggression. It’s rooted in fear as humans and larger dogs hover over them, making them feel uncomfortable.

It can manifest as aggression and feelings of superiority. It’s common among small spoiled dogs. 

These feelings may lead them to bark more often than necessary just so people will pay attention.

So if you approach a small dog that doesn’t know you, your very human-size will intimidate them and cause aggression. 

#7 They are possessive.

Maybe I am biased here, but small dogs are more possessive of their owners than larger breeds. Could this be because they are lap dogs?

Lapdogs sit elevated when compared to dogs that have to sit on the floor. If this doesn’t give them a feeling of superiority, I don’t know what does.

The lapdogs attached to their owners most of the time seem to have problems with possessiveness. These dogs don’t let anyone near their beloved masters. Sometimes not even the person’s spouse or children!

This isn’t common, but it does happen! I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

No one would ever tolerate a larger dog doing this. Smaller dogs can get away with stuff, but when a larger dog does something considered aggressive–people talk about putting him down.

It’s insane that small dogs can get away with so much stuff! It drives me nuts!

#8 They are too small to be useful

Many medium and large breeds were designed for utility. They had a dual purpose, aside from just companionship. Beagles, for example, were bred for hunting.

What purpose do small dogs serve? I mean companionship, yes. But if the world ended, the power grid went out, and zombies started wreaking havoc on the world–where would small dogs fit into the equations?


I wonder if people would…well….nevermind.

#9 They can be jerks

I admit I have had some rough experiences with small dogs. There have only been a few, out of dozens I’ve been around or worked with, that I’ve had positive experiences with. Medium and large-sized dogs love me though.

#10 They nip

Small dogs don’t bite. They nip. It’s as if small dogs seem to know that they would get in trouble if they bit you. But if they nip at you, though, well, that’s cute, and they know they can get away with it.

My Experience With Small Dogs

Ok, so this is a work of fiction but describes my experience with small dogs 100% accurately:

When Andrew first saw the small dog, he thought it would be a cute pet. But when he went to pet it, the little animal yanked its head back and barked at him with such high-pitched volume that his ears started ringing.

That’s when Andrew realized this pup was not so endearing after all. The whining only worsened every time he tried to get near her as she snarled and snapped at him aggressively. He tried holding out food in hopes of calming her down, but the dog just sniffed at it before turning away from him again.

This was getting too much for even someone like Andrew, who never backed down from an argument–he quickly put on his headphones–and vowed to himself he’d never dog sit a small dog again.

The end

Related Questions

Why are small dogs so aggressive?

Small dogs are aggressive because they have small dog syndrome. It’s their way of lashing out at the world. Deep down, they are insecure about their small size.

When other dogs and people hover over them, it makes them nervous. Having everyone else in your world be bigger than you can be intimidating for a small dog.

They learn to be aggressive because it gives them what they want, whether it’s attention or motivated by something else, like jealousy. Small dogs can get away with aggression in a way big dogs can. 

If a large dog is aggressive, it makes the news, but people seem to think aggressive small dogs are cute.

I really don’t get it, but that’s just the way it is.

Why are small dogs so loud?

They have high-pitched barks and learn to bark for attention. They can be really jumpy, barking at just about anything from a mosquito flying onto the window to the mailman and every…single car that drives by. It’s annoying.

Small Dogs Are The Worst

Are they, though?

Final Thoughts

I know I sort of sounded mean in this post. I was trying to answer the question of why small dogs are so annoying. I feel somewhat passionate about the issue, having been annoyed many times by them.

I do love Shi Tzu’s, though, and Dachshunds too. I guess I really just don’t like the mean breeds…like Chihuahuas

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