Do Maltipoos Like To Be Held? Answered!

We all know that some dogs are snugglers and some dogs aren’t. A lot of times, it’s just their personality, but the breed can play a big factor as well. Maltese, being bred to be lapdogs, love snuggling. Poodles, originally bred to be hunting dogs, could go either way. So where does that leave the Maltipoo?

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Do Maltipoos like to be held?

Maltipoos like to be held. They love affection and being close to their loving family. Maltipoos are very affectionate and friendly dogs due to their breed background. This will have them seeking attention and sometimes wanting to be held by people outside their loving family.

Their temperament and innate nature are sweet and loving. Maltipoos enjoy being held, cuddled, and they will enjoy the numerous little adventures they can go on with their pet parent while being in arms.

Due to their strong social connection with humans and pretty much everyone in the family, including other dogs and cats, they will love to be held and share affection with everyone.

Since this is their nature, the Maltipoo can suffer separation anxiety if they are not properly trained and socialized. If this issue is unchecked, they can become whiny and cry if they are not held.

In most cases, Maltipoos will love being held by everyone, including older children. Maltipoos should not be held by young children as the likelihood of being injured increases.

Young children may not know how to act or treat the Maltipoo. They also might not know how to hold and properly care for a dog due to their age, physical strength, and ability.

At certain times in a Maltipoos’ day or night, they will want to be held more than others. If the Maltipoo is scared, they feel sick, or there is a disturbance in their home life, they might want to be held. Anything that causes emotional or physical discomfort will make them want more attachment and comfort from those they love.

How Often Should I Take My Maltipoo Out 2 Do Maltipoos Like To Be Held? Answered!

Can I hold my Maltipoo too much?

You can’t hold your Maltipoo too much. This idea is a common misconception for many people that holding their human children or their furry children too much will cause behavioral issues or problems. We all crave affection, attention, and physical contact.

A Maltipoo is no different than their human parents; they need love and to feel loved. That being said, some behaviors can crop up with certain dogs. Some dogs can become very attached to one person. Therefore, a specific person holding the dog too much could make them territorial of that person or aggressive to others.

Maltipoos are not typically a dog that will suffer this, or any behavior issues related to extensive holding. However, it is a good idea to socialize them, and this socialization should include other people besides the pet parent.

Other family members, neighbors, friends, or basically anyone the dog feels comfortable with should have a chance to hold the Maltipoo. This creates a bond, helps properly socialize the dog, and reduces the chance of territorial issues or addressing.

This type of social behavior should happen as early as possible to provide the most effect on the Maltipoos behavior. They should still be held as often as they want and the pet parent or person holding them feels comfortable providing.

The more socialized the Maltipoo is at a young age, the better they will behave and the more easily they adjust to life situations.

If the Maltipoo starts to act aggressive to anyone or behave in an unhealthy way where they might harm someone or act out, they should be put down. Removing them from the immediate environment can be effective and find them a quiet spot to settle down and behave better.

Should the Maltipoo become too attached to their owner and display separation anxiety to the extent that they will only be held by one person, it is a good idea to go through the socializing process again by reminding them that various people can provide the same love, affection, and attention at certain times.

The Maltipoo will need to know that they are still loved and cared for, and in most cases, none of these issues will ever be a problem because they are friendly and social.

Do I have to hold my Maltipoo as much as they want?

You don’t have to hold your Maltipoo as much as they want, and you provide them with the much holding and attention they need to feel loved and cared for and meet their needs. Still, you should respect your own feelings about attention and closeness.

If you don’t want to hold a Maltipoo at any given time, you should respect yourself and them. During these times, if they want to be held, you can hand them off to someone in the family who can provide the attention they need.

You can also show them affection and attention differently, take the Maltipoo for a walk, play a game with them, or provide some other amusement. There are various ways to show affection, and your Maltipoo should have a well-rounded lifestyle that includes some of each.

It is important for a Maltipoo to learn that everything they want all the time isn’t always what their going to get.  Training and social skills that are learned teach him to behave during these moments.

Does training help a Maltipoo that wants to be held too much?

Proper training and socialization from a very young age will help them learn how to behave and live in their home environment with others.   It will teach them and the pet parent to live together in a harmonious way, including showing affection and being held.

Maltipoos are easy to train; therefore, this process should be simple and easily accepted unless your Maltipoo is resistant or has a very headstrong personality. Usually, these dogs are people pleasers, due to their breed background, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Closing Points

We all love to be held sometimes, even Maltipoos. It is up to the pet parent and Maltipoo pair how much holding and who does it. Training and socialization provide the foundation of every healthy relationship, even the one we share with our dog.

Provide the right environment, find various ways to show affection, and meet their needs. Your Maltipoo will want to be held as much as your arms can tolerate.

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