Do Maltipoos Need Lots Of Attention? Explained!

We all need attention, some of us more than others. Taking each moment as they come and providing attention at a level that feels comfortable for you but considers the Maltipoos needs is the best way to approach this situation. Love, affection, and attention are individual, and no two dogs will be the same, as no two parents will either. But if you’re considering getting a Maltipoo, you may be wondering how much attention they need. 

Do Maltipoos Need Lots Of Attention 1 Do Maltipoos Need Lots Of Attention? Explained!

Do Maltipoos need a lot of attention?

Yes, Maltipoos need lots of attention from their loved ones and anyone who wants to share. Because the Maltipoo is a cross-breed of a Maltese and a Poodle, both breeds that love affection and attention, it’s fair to expect most Maltipoos to require an above-average amount of attention.

Maltipoos are cross-bred dogs with a mix of Maltese and Poodle. Their breed background makes them naturally cuddly and needs lots of attention. Individually Maltipoo will have their personality that will dictate how this need for attention is expressed.

Some Maltipoos will need lots of attention from just one family member, while others will need lots of attention from anyone and everyone. Others will still accept lots of attention from a few select people.

Their breed background is that of companion, and they love to be close and connected with those they share a bond. Smart parents that adopt a Maltipoo make it a point to socialize them properly, so they are more open to sharing affection and receiving attention from others.

This breed is a friendly dog breed that gets along great with almost everyone, but this will be based on the individual dog. Maltipoos are friendly with other dogs, other animals, and humans in their family and not.

A Maltipoo receives and gives attention based on who they are as a dog and their lifestyle. Some Maltipoo will demand to sit on your lap, and that is it. They might want to be cuddled and carried around everywhere.

Other Maltipoos will enjoy playtime with toys, sharing treats, or going for car rides. Each dog’s preferences will be dictated by the relationship and whom they share it with. For instance, their parent might love to take them on car rides all the time, so they love this form of attention and connection.

When grandma shows up, she loves to sit on the couch and watch TV, so they will adapt and enjoy that form of loving attention from her endlessly.  They will love lots of attention in any form they can get it, even if it’s different when offered from different people.

How much attention a Maltipoo needs will be based on their age, as puppies naturally love and need more attention. Seniors may seek less attention because they have aches and pains or are sick, and Maltipoos that are sick or injured may need more, as will those suffering separation anxiety or stress.

Health and situations within the family’s home environment will dictate how much attention a Maltipoo needs. That can change daily if the home life is stressful or changing. If they feel emotional or scared, or if they don’t feel well, the Maltipoo may need much more attention than usual.

It may seem like a roller coaster ride at times, but the Maltipoos is a cross-bred dog breed that requires a strong bond, connection, and lots of attention from those they love and probably everyone else who will share.

Do Maltipoos Need Lots Of Attention 1 1 Do Maltipoos Need Lots Of Attention? Explained!

Is it possible to give my Maltipoo too much attention?

It can be possible to show your Maltipoo too much attention, but this is based on your comfort level. If you love nothing more than holding, cuddling, and playing with your dog all day, it’s never too much. If your Maltipoo wants more than you can or want to give, it can be exhausting and cause problems.

Every person who comes into contact with the Maltipoo will have their own comfort level in this area, which should always be respected. It can be helpful for Maltipoo to have many people in their life to share affection and attention when they need it.

That will allow everyone to share in that love and the care of the Maltipoo. The Maltipoos’ needs will be met, and no one will feel exhausted by giving more than they feel like sharing.

It is always best to have your Maltipoo properly socialized and trained. Training and good social skills are the foundation of all healthy relationships. When a Maltipoo is properly trained and has good social skills, they behave better and learn to accept those moments when mom or dad is too busy and can’t give attention.

They can learn coping skills like chewing a toy when they are bored or want attention, and everyone is busy.  It is good that they learn to cope with certain situations as life happens and sometimes parents might be too busy to give attention when its wanted.

Similarly, Maltipoos’ needs in this area should be considered. They are little dogs with much love to share, and they have some pretty big needs for a small dog, and the more a parent can meet those needs, the happier they will be.

That doesn’t mean the parent should feel like they have to give everything to the Maltipoo, always indulging every whim and want for attention at any moment. They should set healthy boundaries that must be respected, and training helps with that.

They should also take a look at each moment and see if there is a true need for attention at the time if they are busy. If the Maltipoo has recently had a good scare and wants to be in arms for comfort, this can and should be addressed.

If the parent plays with their Maltipoo a bunch of times in the day and they are insisting on another break from work or chores to entertain them, that can wait until a more convenient time.

When it comes to showing affection and attention, every parent or person must do what feels right to them at that moment for the Maltipoo and themselves. There is no right or wrong answer ever as each moment is different.

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