Are Gordon Setters Good With Other Dogs?

All dog breeds have their own unique characteristics. Some dogs, like Beagles, have been bred to live closely with their pack and, as such, are a breed that’s known for being good with other dogs. Other breeds, like Chow Chows, were bred to guard the property against strangers, including other dogs. That’s made that breed not so great with other dogs. But what about Gordon Setters?

Are Gordon Setters Good With Other Dogs 1 Are Gordon Setters Good With Other Dogs?

Are Gordon Setters Good With Other Dogs?

Gordon Setters can be good with other dogs, but it depends on the dogs and the situation. Gordon Setters is known for sometimes having aggression issues with dogs but not always. Gordon Setters get along great with children and other animals but tend to be territorial and aggressive if other dogs are in their home.

All Gordon Setters are not the same; some may get along with other dogs, depending on their temperament, mood, and environment. Still, it also depends on the other dog’s temperament and personality.

Certain dogs are easier to get along with than others. For instance, if a Gordon Setter meets another dog at a dog park, perhaps an altered poodle of the opposite gender, the Gordon Setter may not have a problem getting along.

Each situation will be unique as the two dogs involved. Breeding, temperament, mood, and the environment are all factors that help shape a relationship between two dogs.

Gordon Setters usually have trouble with strange dogs or dogs they don’t know. If they grew up with another dog or have play dates with another dog, they shouldn’t have an issue with that dog they already know.

When is the best time to introduce a Gordon Setter to other dogs?

Are Gordon Setters Good With Other Dogs 1 1 Are Gordon Setters Good With Other Dogs?

If a Gordon Setter is to join a household with another dog, it is best to do one of two things. First, it is preferred if the Gordon Setter is a puppy. When they are a puppy, a Gordon Setter is more open and receptive to things in their environment, including learning to live with another dog.

The earlier they are introduced to other dogs, especially in their home setting, the better. If this can’t be accomplished, the second approach is to ensure that the Gordon Setter is trained before moving into their new home.

That may be hard to do, but it is hard to predict how the Gordon Setter and another dog will behave when they meet each other at their best. Certainly, many homes with dogs welcome other dogs into their home and get along just fine.

However, since Gordon Setters is sometimes known for struggling with this issue, it’s best to ensure they are trained. It’s also a good idea to gradually introduce the two dogs outside the home.

It is preferred that their first meeting should be on neutral territory and a positive experience like a dog park. This environment is fun, with distractions and things for both dogs to do, and it will give each dog a chance to get to know each other without territory or aggression issues.

Make sure to provide many toys and treats so there isn’t any reason for either dog to be aggressive or territorial. Also, showing each dog equal attention and love is important, so neither dog gets jealous.

This works in both cases, when the Gordon Setter is coming into a house with a dog or if the Gordon Setter is welcoming another dog into their home.

Why do Gordon Setters have trouble with other dogs?

There can be many reasons why Gordon Setters have trouble with other dogs, and some Gordon Setters will only have trouble with dogs of the same gender. This type of aggression can be common for many dog breeds, but training should help resolve this issue.

Training helps a Gordon Setter learn what’s expected of them in different scenarios, including when other dogs are around. With a confident trainer and pack leader, the Gordon Setter might feel like they want to be aggressive with another dog, but they will not behave in such a manner if they are efficiently trained.

Other Gordon Setters will have trouble when a dog is trying to steal the attention or love from their human and family. They want to be the center of their parent and family’s world. If another dog comes along that isn’t a part of the family and tries to get some attention, the Gordon Setter might become territorial.

While this can be troublesome behavior, it is also manageable through good training.   The Gordon Setter can learn that they have to share their parent or the toy. In a healthy home environment, all dogs should receive toys, treats, love, attention, and positive reinforcement.

As hard as it may sometimes be, there shouldn’t be favoritism where one pet gets more than another. Dogs are not like human children, where you can rationalize with them and their feelings. They will not care if the other dog did something spectacular.

Gordon Setters and basically every dog will have a one-track mind. They will be concerned with what they are getting or not getting and won’t fail to notice if the other dog gets more.

How do I create the right environment for my Gordon Setter to get along with the other dog in the household?

The best way to create the right environment for your Gordon Setter to get along with the other dog in your household is to equally meet their needs and wants. Ensure that they receive the basics, of course.

Are Gordon Setters Good With Other Dogs 2 Are Gordon Setters Good With Other Dogs?

Beyond food, water, shelter, and veterinary visits, they need quality time. You should spend quality time with each dog separately and together, so they learn to share and be patient when it’s not their turn.   Training should be the foundation of their home life.

Consistency is one of the best things a parent can insist on in the home. Consistency in dispensing treats, going for walks, and other activities you and your dog share. Consistency in the short term teaches them they are equal. Equally loved by their family and equally appreciated.

Consistency, over time, passively trains them to accept things they might not normally accept if pressured into it. They learn to accept another dog in their home life because they know he gets a dog treat, I get a dog treat, she gets a walk, now I get one too. It comforts the jealous, the green-eyed monster inside that breeds aggression and territorial behavior.

Like humans, if the Gordon Setter learns through time and consistency that their needs are always met and they feel loved, they will eventually learn to accept the other dog as family.   How long it takes for this to happen depends on the dog, as each dog is different.

With that, it is also important that each dog have things of its own. Just like human children, dogs should have a few of their own toys that are just for them. Maybe each dog has a favorite treat they love or their own crate to sleep in.

While they will be living together in the same house as a family, they should have their own things as they are individual from the other. If the Gordon Setter gets stressed because the other dog is out for a walk with mom, they have their toy that mom always plays with them to chew on.

The best way to create a good home environment so everyone gets along is to consider everyone’s feelings, including the dogs in the family.

Final Points

Depending on the individual dog, Gordon Setters can have trouble getting along with other dogs. Some Gordon Setters won’t have any trouble with other dogs in the family, but they might not like strange dogs.

Gordon Setters can have issues with other dogs, but it doesn’t always have to be the case. Training is the recipe for success in controlling this issue by teaching them how to behave so they can manage their behaviors before they become problems.

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