Are Gordon Setters Rare? Answered!

Despite years of working with dogs, I’ve yet to come across a Gordon Setter in the flesh. Maybe they’re just couch potatoes and don’t get out much, or maybe they just aren’t popular in my area. Are Gordon Setters rare?

Are Gordon Setters Rare?

Yes, Gordon Setters are considered a rare breed in the United States. While they might be rare, they are a wonderful dog breed to consider calling family or companion.  Historically they were popular at one time which was likely due to their hunting abilities.

As hunting and sporting activities change in our modern world so will the popularity or rarity of certain dog breeds that fit into the sporting category.  Despite being a rare dog breed they have much to offer many families.

When it comes to Setters this Setter dog breed is the largest of them all. This could be one reason they are so rare, as some people may not want a Setter that’s so big when there are smaller ones to choose from.

They are also the slowest of the Setter dog breeds. Since they and other Setters are sporting dogs, that could also be another reason why they are rarer than the others. 

Not many hunters or sportsmen will want a slow-hunting companion, especially when there are other Setters to choose from.

No matter how rare they seem today or at any time in their history, Gordon Setters are still popular with some folks who admit they wouldn’t choose another dog under any circumstances.

Gordon Setters share a lot of similar qualities with the other Setters. Therefore, they might be rarer due to lacking in certain areas of skill, ability, and appearance.

Determining if a dog breed is rare is related to how popular they are at any moment. Anyone who knows about current trends knows that what’s popular or trendy can change anytime.

So today, the Gordon Setter might be rare, but their popularity can change at any moment, making them less rare than other Setters. That might change if more people could overlook their size and speed as they make great family pets and companions.

Gordon Setters are considered a large-sized dog breed at twenty-five to twenty-seven inches to the withers. When it comes to their weight, it can range from just over forty pounds to around eighty pounds or under.

are gordon setters rare 1 Are Gordon Setters Rare? Answered!

People who don’t mind their size will delight in their temperament, personality, and appearance. 

By nature, they are loyal and, loving, eager to please, which can make them unforgettable.

The breed has a natural instinct to run and chase objects or animals and hunting, and their size lends them well to the task and their intensely acute sense of smell. 

These are breed qualities they share with other Setters, but Gordon Setters has their own unique set of wonderful qualities that set them apart.

Selecting a Gordon Setter might be fun, but potential pet parents should be aware that their pricing ranges from just under a thousand dollars to close to five thousand. 

Price variances occur for many reasons, and it’s wise to always shop around with various reputable breeders for the best price in your budget.

Gordon Setters share many qualities of high intelligence, alertness, dedication, and stamina with their other Setter cousins, making them an alternate choice for families that love those dog breeds.

What’s bad about Gordon Setters?

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There are a few things that some people might consider bad about Gordon Setters, like separation anxiety and lots of shedding fur. Gordon Setters, like other Setters, need a lot of grooming, and when they shed, it’s quite a lot.

Gordon Setters are very energetic like the other Setter breeds, which requires much from their family and pet parent. They need a lot of exercise and attention and have a lot of athletic skills to show off. Some parents might consider their energy level a bit too much.

That being the case, Gordon Setters can suffer from separation anxiety which can cause issues. Separation anxiety is a treatable issue that can often be managed with lifestyle modifications for the dog, their environment, and their family.

That being said, some people might cringe at having a puppy or adult dog that’s clingy and doesn’t like it when they leave the house. This behavior can be bad but is quite common.

Gordon Setters can also share a similar mentality with other Setters of being stubborn and headstrong. While this character trait isn’t necessarily bad, it can be challenging for certain individuals and families.

It’s important to realize that any dog breed has no real bad traits. In truth, it is a simple matter of a dog breed being matched with the wrong family or a family being matched with the wrong dog breed.

If a family knows what they want in a dog, their lifestyle, and what they can provide for the dog, it helps them pick the right breed. It will also help them determine which dogs are wrong or bad for them.

There are no bad dog breeds or bad dogs, no bad potential pet parents or owners, and only bad pairings of dogs and families.

How can a Gordon Setter become more popular?

A Gordon Setter can become more popular through greater exposure to the breed. The more people with this dog breed and show off their wonderful qualities, the more they will see and hear about them and seek them out.

Popularity is a fickle thing that is quickly changeable, and its relationship to a dog’s true value and uniqueness is negligible at best. 

It is far better to focus on the good qualities that every dog breed has than how popular they are in society.

In Conclusion

are gordon setters rare 3 Are Gordon Setters Rare? Answered!

Gordon Setters are rare, but not as rare as some dog breeds. They have many wonderful qualities that lend them well to being hunting companions and family companions.

Their lack of popularity might have something to do with how rare they are, but it could also be that there are a few other Setter breeds to choose from when it comes to hunting and sporting activities.

This breed is beautiful, smart, friendly, and loveable, whatever the case. That’s all anyone can ask for when having a furry family member!

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