Are Labradoodles Hyper?

If you are thinking about buying a Labradoodle, you might be wondering what you can expect from them as far as energy and activity. 

It’s important to get a dog breed that you know you can handle when it comes to energy and exercise requirements as you don’t want your dog to get bored or lazy as they grow and develop. 

Are Labradoodles Hyper?

Labradoodles are considered a high-energy breed. They also show a lot of enthusiasm. As a puppy, your Labradoodle will be extra energetic and playful. To know their true energy levels though, you will need to wait until they grow up. With regular exercise and walks, you should be able to keep your dog’s energy levels in check. 

Exactly how high energy your dog is will depend on how often you exercise them and how you train them as a puppy. 

In this article, we will discuss how to make sure your dog has appropriate behavior and how to keep its energy levels in check. 

What are Common Labradoodle Behaviors?

Labradoodles are very affectionate with adults and kids making them great family dogs. Labradoodles are also highly intelligent. 

It doesn’t take long to train them or teach them tricks. Labradoodles are also great dogs to have around with you if you live by the water. 

They love to swim and are actually very good swimmers. 

Along they are considered highly energetic, they are also very easygoing. 

They usually don’t exhibit aggressiveness and are gentle and loving with family members and strangers.

 If you don’t exercise them though and give them a chance to run out some of their energy, you might find that show some destructive behaviors. 

Being high energy will never make them aggressive, but it will make them more likely to chew and destroy things around the house if they are not given the chance to run around and play. 

How Energetic are Labradoodles?

Are Labradoodles Hyper 1 Are Labradoodles Hyper?

If you are looking for a laidback dog that doesn’t require much supervision or exercise, you might want to rethink getting a Labradoodle. 

Labradoodles need daily exercise and will not stay still for long periods of time. 

They make wonderful pets, but you need to make sure you are getting their exercise levels in check so they will not be bored. 

Labradoodles will also show great enthusiasm every time you come home. Prepare for barking and jumping. 

Of course, you can train them not to do these things, but you will need to work with them as puppies to ensure they don’t jump on people. 

Labradoodles love to be excited though and they love when their owners show excitement. 

When you come home and see the dog, make sure you are showing excitement back to them so they know they were missed are loved. 

If you notice your puppy showing excessive hyperactivity, consider taking them for several short walks a day. 

Once they are older, they can also let go of some of their energy off by going on jogs with you or swimming. 

They can also play fetch either in the water or on the ground. 

How Should I Deal with My Labradoodle Being Hyperactive? 

The best way to deal with the Labradoodle being hyperactive is to take them for regular walks and exercise.

When they are a puppy, you should consider taking them for shorter walks, so they don’t get overtired or overheated in the summertime. 

Going for short walks also allows them to get used to being outside and being attached to the leash. 

As they get older, you can take them for long walks and even go jogging with them as they will have longer legs and be able to run. 

Labradoodles are also known to have the “zoomies” very often.

This is when your dog might get a burst of energy and start zooming around the house. 

These outbursts can knock over things in your house or cause problems if you have small children running or walking around. 

The best way to reduce the chance of the “zoomies” is to take them for as much exercise as possible. 

As you get to know your dog better, you might also be able to predict the times they are more likely to get the zoomies. 

Common times are right after naps or right after they get done eating. They might also do it after letting them out of the crate or if they have been left alone for long periods of time. 

What If I Don’t Have Enough Time to Exercise My Labradoodle? 

Exercising is an important part of owning a Labradoodle. 

If you already own a Labradoodle and realize you don’t have enough time to take them for regular walks, you might need to consider hiring help or someone to come to the house to walk the dog for you. 

Leaving your Labradoodle alone in the crate for too long or at home without exercise will cause you problems when you do get back home to them. 

Many people hire a professional dog walking service where a trained professional will come to their home and let the dog out either once a day or several times a day. 

They will be able to take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood and spend some time playing with them. 

They can also feed your dog if you want them to. 

If you don’t feel comfortable with someone coming into your house, consider asking a relative that lives close by or a neighbor that you know very well. 

You can also meet with a dog walker beforehand and see how they interact with your dog before hiring them. 

Some dog owners also choose to put cameras in their house so they can see the dog walker. 

Make sure the walker knows you have cameras in the house though so they know there are moments where they are being watched. 

Will My Labradoodle Calm Down?

If you are dealing with a very hyperactive Labradoodle, you might be wondering if or when they will calm down. 

Remember that puppies are often similar to toddlers. 

When they are young, they are curious about everything. 

They will chew on anything they can find and will want to be with you constantly. 

You might want to change some things around the house to keep them from chewing on things or getting into things they shouldn’t be. 

Just like toddlers though, they will grow and mature. 

This means you can expect a large portion of their energy to wear off when they turn two. 

It doesn’t mean you can stop exercising with them and stop playtime, but you will have an overall much calmer dog. 

How Can I Calm My Labradoodle Down? 

As stated above, the best way to calm down a Labradoodle puppy is by taking them for short walks.

You need to walk them more than twice a day for the results.

If you have a fenced-in backyard, you can also let them run around and play. 

Just make sure there are no holes or places where they can escape. 

You can also play with them in the backyard by throwing balls or sticks. Labradoodles learn to play fetch very quickly.

You can also take them to dog parks once they have all their vaccinations and can be around other dogs. 

This will also help them socialize from a young age and learn how to act appropriately around other dogs. 

When the puppy is inside, make sure you leave plenty of toys around and keep them in the same place. 

This allows your Labradoodle to know where their toys are so they can access them easily and play whenever they want to. 

Puppies also chew, so make sure some of the toys are hard toys that are perfect for teething. 

Can I Leave My Labradoodle Alone? 

Yes, Labradoodles can be left alone but not for long periods of time. 

As your Labradoodle gets older, you can leave them alone for longer periods of time.

However, make sure you don’t leave them alone all day, especially in the crate. 

If you do need to leave them alone, leave them with toys and water. Make sure they are in a safe place and know that you are coming back soon. 

Final Thoughts 

Labradoodles are very high energy, especially when they are puppies.

They might not be the best dog breed for you if you have a busy or sedimentary lifestyle.

You will need to make time every day to walk to them several times a day.

Once or twice a day is not enough. Labradoodles also need plenty of playtimes.

This can be with toys inside or playing fetch in the backyard. 

As your Labradoodle grows, they will be able to exercise more and have less energy. You can also take them for long walks or take them swimming.

This will allow them to burn off more of their energy in small amounts of time giving you more free time as well. 

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