Will Neutering My Springer Spaniel Calm Him Down? Answered!

If you have a crazy Springer Spaniel, you may be looking for any and every way to help him calm down, including neutering. I’m sure you’ve heard that neutering dogs can change their behavior, but is that a myth? Will neuter a Springer Spaniel calm him down?

Will Neutering My Springer Spaniel Calm Him Down 1 1 Will Neutering My Springer Spaniel Calm Him Down? Answered!

Does Neutering A Springer Spaniel Clam Them Down?

Neutering your Springer Spaniel will probably not affect your dog’s behavior regarding energy and need lots of exercise.  Some people hope for this outcome, but it usually refers to calming down regarding reproductive life.

Springer Spaniels are energetic dogs with a high need for lots of physical activity.  They need a lot of exercise in their day, at least two hours or more.  That amount of exercise can be a lot for parents who aren’t prepared for it.  If they didn’t study the breed background beforehand, adopting one of these dogs into a family can be quite a surprise.

Their breeding has everything to do with how much a Springer Spaniel exercises daily and how they approach their daily life.  Some Springer Spaniels may seem hyper and need to calm down.  Most parents don’t realize that dogs need more physical activity than they are provided daily.

If a Springer Spaniel doesn’t get enough exercise, and the right kind of exercise, meaning diverse activities, it can cause them to behave in a hyper way.  Their need to calm down is not related to being neutered, and a parent will not see them calm down when they are neutered.

Neutering serves a very specific purpose in a male dog’s life, including helping them be healthy throughout their life.  It doesn’t do anything for their behavior unless it’s related to how they behave around other dogs and female dogs.

Neutering prevents unwanted pregnancy in dogs and could potentially protect the male Springer Spaniel from reproductive organ cancers, tumors, and other issues.  They may calm down regarding reproduction if other dogs are in the house, and their behavior in other areas will be the same.

How do I help my Springer Spaniel if he won’t calm down?

Will Neutering My Springer Spaniel Calm Him Down Will Neutering My Springer Spaniel Calm Him Down? Answered!

The best way to help your Springer Spaniel if he won’t calm down is to take him for a walk.  Walking, outdoor activities, and sports are great ways for you and your Springer Spaniel to stay connected, exercise, and have fun.

Lots of exercise is exactly what your Springer Spaniel needs.  His energy level is high and driven by a need to be active and exercise.  The more exercise, the better when it comes to this breed.  You will likely get tired before the Springer Spaniel gets tired.

A tired Springer Spaniel is a content and calm dog.  The right way to do this is to provide little mini adventures.  A walk to the park in the morning, tossing a ball in the yard in the afternoon, and visiting the local dog park after dinner can be great ways to keep your dog moving.

In between that time, you can provide them with things to do if you are home a lot.  Have your Springer Spaniel go fetch your slippers or let them find a couple of hidden dog treats in the yard.  Whatever you do, it’s important to keep them engaged physically and mentally.

Think for a moment how a human might feel if they ran around and physically exercised all day but did nothing for their mind.  Mental stimulation is just as important as the physical; without it, your Springer Spaniel may have difficulty settling down.

Aside from that, you should ensure they get enough nutrition and food to eat.  They should be sleeping well and not feeling ravaged by unnecessary stress, which means keeping their environment conducive to happiness.

That said, it doesn’t have to be perfect, and that shouldn’t be the goal.  A parent needs to make sure the Springer Spaniel has a comfy place to sleep, protein-rich dog food and treats that fuel their energy, some playtime with friends, love and hugs, clean, fresh water, and good amounts of exercise.

If all these areas of a Springer Spaniel’s life are covered, including mental stimulation, they are more likely to calm down at the day’s end and relax.

Will my Springer Spaniel ever calm down?

Your Springer Spaniel may calm down with age, which means beyond two years old.  It can take years for a Springer Spaniel to calm down, but it may never happen.  You may find yourself running around after an energetic senior Springer Spaniel, when he or she is ten.

The dog breed is noted for being energetic and needing lots of exercise.  In relation to what they were bred for, this serves a purpose.  These qualities may not be as necessary for a companion animal in a family, but it is still a part of who they are.

Traits directly related to a dog’s breeding and background do not just fade away or change.  With some time, which can only be determined by the individual dog, these traits can be less obvious.  Older Springer Spaniels may slow down and be calmer due to the natural aging process.

The older Springer Spaniels might also be calmer as they age due to health issues that naturally slow them down.  As the Springer Spaniel ages, any number of things can happen, and you may find that your Springer Spaniel is calmer on one day and then has two days of non-stop energy.

What is more likely to occur is that your Springer Spaniel, like so many others in life, will continue to have that endless energy and enthusiasm for life that keeps them going.  So they may never calm down.  The good news is that Springer Spaniels may be easier to entertain and require slightly less activity as they age.

That can work in your favor as the parent as you can keep up with them and provide them with interesting and engaging activities.

In Conclusion

Neutering does not make a dog calm down unless we speak about its reproductive life.  In that area, neutering could slow them down a bit, and Neutering will not affect how active they are or how much activity they need in a day.

The amount of activity they need daily is related to their breed background, which cannot be changed.  Knowing this before you adopt a Springer Spaniel can help prepare you for what lies ahead as their parent!

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