When Do Boston Terriers Sleep Through The Night?

Boston Terrier puppies have to be one of the cutest things out there.

Playing all day with your Boston Terrier puppy can be fun, but exhausting work. You’d think they’d be more excited to sleep through the night at the end of their days.

When Do Boston Terriers Sleep Through The Night?

Boston Terriers begin to sleep through the night at some point after they reach four months old. It can take up until they are about a year old, but this depends on the Boston Terrier puppy and their home life. Boston Terriers sleep through the night when they learn their bedtime schedule and have matured enough to understand and hold their bladder.

Even when this time does come, the Boston Terrier puppy may still have moments where they don’t sleep through the night. When they don’t sleep through the night, it can be linked to various issues.

When this does happen, a pet parent should be prepared with patience and a good mindset to help them get through, but it will eventually pass.

There are things that a pet parent can do to help their Boston Terrier puppy learn to sleep through the night, including maintaining a bedtime ritual and ensuring that they are exercised.

Sleeping through the night is a learned behavior for humans and dogs. Knowing this, a pet parent will need to teach their Boston Terrier how to sleep through the night. 

This learning can begin as soon as the puppy comes home from the breeder.

It will take time for a Boston Terrier puppy to learn this new schedule, as up till this point, they maintained the same sleep and waking habits as their littermates and mother.

When the puppy was with their littermates and mother, feeding and growing healthy beside the mother was the most important thing. 

After they are separated and come to their new home with their human parent, it will take time for them to learn the daily and nightly routine.

It should be noted that even when they do learn this new scheduled bedtime routine and lifestyle, they may not sleep if everyone else in the household.

Dogs need a certain amount of sleep in twenty hours, each breed and the individual dog needing their own specific amount of time. 

This amount of sleep they need will be divided up into little naps here and there throughout the day and a big stretch of sleep at night.

Therefore, they might only sleep for five or six hours a night, but this will depend on the Boston Terrier and other factors in their life.

When Do Boston Terriers Sleep Through The Night 1 When Do Boston Terriers Sleep Through The Night?

What affects my Boston Terriers’ sleep at night?

The most common thing that affects a Boston Terriers’ sleep at night is what has happened in their day. 

Such things as how much exercise they had, and their diet can affect if they fall asleep easily and if they stay asleep.

The Boston Terriers’ lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress, playdates with others, and every aspect of their day affect how well they sleep.


If the Boston Terrier eats an unhealthy diet, they may suffer from a lack of nutrition or not feeling satisfied. 

The same can be said if they are not fed enough, and if they are fed too much, they may not be able to settle down due to tummy woos.


Boston Terriers need a lot of exercise, and if they don’t expel enough physical energy, they may be energetic at bedtime or wake up during the night because they aren’t satisfied with their day. 

The same can be said for mental exercise; they need mental exercise to feel content.

Stress and Environment

If the Boston Terrier lives in an environment that isn’t conducive to good health and happiness, they will suffer, and the first place you will notice an issue may be when they sleep. 

They may be unable to fall asleep or stay asleep just like humans.

Social Time

Social time, just like mental and physical exercise, is a part of a healthy lifestyle. If a Boston Terrier lacks connections with family, friends, other dogs, and humans, they may feel unhappy and sleep less or more.


Hydration is just as important as nutrition in the diet, but it can be tricky to get them to sleep through the night if a Boston Terrier drinks most of their water after dinner because it may cause them to wake during the night for a bathroom break.

Thankfully, adjusting their daily drinking habits can make life easier for everyone and promote better sleep at night. 

Offering clean freshwater more often during the day before dinner time ensures that middle-of-the-night issues are less common.

Some people believe they can restrict their dogs’ water at night, so they don’t wake at 3 AM and must go to the bathroom.

Restricting a dogs’ drinking like this is never healthy for them and should not be a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Bedtime Ritual

If there is no bedtime ritual in place for a Boston Terrier puppy, they will not learn to unwind with the events that lead up to that moment.

A bedtime ritual trains the body to accept cues from their environment that tell them it is time to settle down and rest. 

This can be healthy for everyone in the Boston Terriers home, and having one promotes health and wellness for all.

While these things can reduce sleep at night, so the Boston Terrier doesn’t sleep through the night, having a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle and promoting good health and happiness is the best way to promote good sleep.

If a Boston Terrier puppy eats healthy, has plenty of exercise, and has a loving and well-rounded home life, they will learn to sleep through the night easier and fast. 

They will also have better sleep when they do, regardless of how long they end up sleeping.

What can I do if my Boston Terrier puppy suddenly stops sleeping through the night?

What you can do if your Boston Terrier puppy suddenly stops sleeping through the night is to examine what is going on in their life and day-to-day events and see if something has changed.

If nothing can be pinpointed, some minor health issue could be causing this temporary problem.

We all struggle to sleep through the night sometimes, and even for us adults, sometimes we can’t pinpoint exactly what the issue is that caused it.

If this happens and all bases have been covered, meaning they ate well, they had some fun and were active, and they still can’t sleep, they might need some extra love and attention from you.

You could snuggle with them on the couch, talk softly to them while you sit together, and share a mini treat or two. Then you could try to get them back to sleep with the bedtime ritual again. 

This might have to be repeated more than a few times, depending on what’s happening.

Usually, whatever the issue is, it will resolve itself, but it doesn’t in some rare cases. 

When this happens, and your Boston Terrier puppy isn’t sleeping well through the night for a long time, they may need to see their veterinarian to make sure they are healthy.

Each Boston Terrier is unique in the amount of sleep they need, but they should sleep through the night sometimes, and I mean five or six hours but sometimes more or less by this.

It should be noted that in some instances, there will be a Boston Terrier out there that simply doesn’t sleep well, sleep through the night for more than a few hours, or doesn’t need as much sleep as other dogs do.

If you are lucky enough to have one of these Boston Terrier puppies, it may at times seem like a curse, but it can be a blessing to have a dog with so much energy and zest for life.

In Conclusion

Boston Terrier puppies will begin to sleep through the night at around four months old, but it can take longer for many of them to get the idea.

How prepared and initiative-taking their parents are will determine how easily they accept this new lifestyle.

Persistence will win the day, but parents should be prepared for the possibility that their Boston Terrier may call a full night’s rest a few hours. 

When this is the case, a parent need only look into their adorable dogs’ eyes and see all that love to forgive their own lack of a full night’s rest!

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