How Rare Are Black German Shepherds? Answered!

German Shepherds come in many more colors than the average person might realize. This breed of dog has over 10 color variations, many of them too rare and too light to be recognized by the AKC. The solid black German Shepherd is rarer (though not impossible to find) but is still recognized for dog shows because they are a darker color.

How Rare Are Black German Shepherds Answered 1 How Rare Are Black German Shepherds? Answered!

Are black German Shepherd rare?

The black German Shepherd makes the list of the rarest German Shepherds, though they are lower. About 6.8% of German Shepherd puppies born worldwide are solid black.

Now, the black gene for German Shepherds is not rare. A black and tan sable German Shepherd is one of the most common types of German Shepherds. However, solid black German Shepherds are much harder to find. 

Black German Shepherds are rarer because the genes that make them solid black are recessive. These dogs need two sets of recessive solid black genes to become solid black themselves. It is more likely to get a mix of black and another color than getting two black genes to line themselves up in a German Shepherd’s DNA. 

Do Solid Black German Shepherds Have Any Notable Differences?

The color of a German Shepherd doesn’t usually correspond to different health issues or other factors that the dog might have. However, the solid black German Shepherd is one of the few colors of German Shepherd that has other changes as well.

The solid black German Shepherd is more likely to have a straight back. Most German Shepherds are bred for having a very specific slope to their back that either is for looks at dog shows or to help them have the mobility of being a working dog. 

With the solid black German Shepherd having a straighter back, they are also more likely to have more spinal issues than the average German Shepherd due to this change in mobility. 

Solid black German Shepherds can also face health issues from irresponsible breeding practices, but this is common among many other rare colors of German Shepherds. When a breeder is desperate to get rare colors of German Shepherds, they may disregard the rule to not breed dogs that have health issues and are more likely to do more inbreeding of dogs. Both of these irresponsible practices can lead to rare-colored German Shepherds inheriting more health issues. 

How Rare Are Black German Shepherds Answered 1 1 How Rare Are Black German Shepherds? Answered!

Will Solid Black German Shepherd Become More Common in the Future?

Black German Shepherds are much easier to breed than other rare kinds of German Shepherds. With this, some are predicting that solid black German Shepherd might become more common in the future. 

More and more people are desiring to have a solid black German Shepherd, so they are going to breeders who can breed to get black German Shepherds. If following safe breeding practices, a breeder can successfully breed a black German Shepherd. 

Unlike other rare colors of German Shepherds, it is easier for breeders to breed for the black trait by following the parents’ genetics.

Genetic tests can also be given to dogs to see if they carry the proper recessive genes that will create a solid black German Shepherd. By following those tests, a breeder can produce more solid black German Shepherds than those who want solid black German Shepherds.

If the popularity of solid black German Shepherds continues to rise, more and more black German Shepherds will be bred, which will make them less rare. 

This scenario isn’t as likely with other German Shepherds colors because those dogs’ recessive genes are more delicate and need more specifics. They need for the black gene to be properly diluted or for the red gene to be completely blocked. With black German Shepherds, their genes aren’t as complicated. 

Are Black German Shepherds Expensive?

Many times, when buying a rarer color of a dog breed, you must expect to have to pay more for their rare coat. For black German Shepherds, their price isn’t that much different than the common German Shepherd. There’s no need to break the bank with these German Shepherds. 

The average German Shepherd puppy costs $1000 to $1500 depending on the breeder and the specific genetics of your German Shepherd. A solid black German Shepherd will cost between $1500 and $2000. 

While that is more than the average German Shepherd, the difference isn’t by much. You can also find solid black German Shepherds at the same price as a commonly colored German Shepherd. 

When you are looking for a rare German Shepherd color, a higher-quality puppy will be more expensive. However, if you are finding breeders who are selling these German Shepherds for prices way higher than what’s listed above, they are overcharging and may be trying to scam future dog owners. 

No matter what breeder you go to, make sure you do a deep dive into their reputation online. Make sure that they are reputable and follow responsible practices in their breeding process. 

Some big red flags for breeders include severally under or overcharging for their dogs, not providing paperwork of the parents so you can see what health issues might be possible, and asking for payment before looking at the dog. If you spot any red flags with the breeder you are working with, go to a different breeder instead. 

Will a Black German Shepherd’s Coat Change Color with Age?

Some puppies will have their coat color change as they go from puppyhood to adulthood. This happens because their coat goes through many changes as they get older and are shed over and over again until their coat properly matures. 

A solid black German Shepherd doesn’t follow this pattern. A black German Shepherd puppy will keep its black coat as they age. You don’t have to worry about losing the shiny black quality of your German Shepherd’s coat as the go from a puppy to an adult. 

Are Black German Shepherds More Likely to Get Overheated?

Any German Shepherd is likely to become overheated if they are left outside in the bright and hot sun for too long without access to water and shade. However, a solid black German Shepherd might have a bit more sensitivity to the hot sun. 

The color black attracts heat, so more heat from the sun will end up getting absorbed by your German Shepherd’s coat. This will make them hotter faster than a lighter-colored German Shepherd. 

If you want to bring your solid black German Shepherd outside for some time, make sure that they have plenty of clean water and access to shade. Don’t leave them outside in the hot sun for too long, they still need plenty of time to cool down in the air conditioning inside. 

Living in a hot and humid climate with a solid black German Shepherd might not be the best idea. These German Shepherds will better thrive in cooler climates, especially since all German Shepherds have thick double coats that make them hot faster normally. 

Signs that your German Shepherd is getting overheated include excessive panting and their tongue and nose are dry, sudden fatigue, bright-colored gums, and any disorientation. If you notice any of these signs in your dog, bring them inside right away and get them to drink plenty of water. 

If you have a solid black German Shepherd, you will need to be more aware of their behavior while outside. Being aware of how they are feeling and what they are doing will prevent them from getting sick from the heat. It will also prevent long-lasting damages that could occur if they are in the heat for too long.

Final Thoughts

While the solid black German Shepherd may not look as cool as a liver, blue, or fawn German Shepherd, they are still a part of the list of the rarest German Shepherds. Solid black German Shepherds are rare because it takes recessive genes to make them solid black instead of only partially black.

Patterns such as black and red sable German Shepherds are much more common than solid black German Shepherds.

Though some may predict that solid black German Shepherds will become more common in the future, it will take many years to see if that prediction is right or not. That reality will also depend on the popularity of solid black German Shepherds to either remain stable or to continue rising. 

Solid Black German Shepherds are a bit easier to breed than other rare German Shepherds because it is easier to single out the recessive genes that cause them to be solid black. 

These German Shepherds aren’t much more expensive than the average German Shepherd, only $500 more in some cases. This makes it a lot more possible for people to get a solid black German Shepherd. So, if you want a solid black German Shepherd, go out and find a reputable breeder and welcome the puppy to your home. 

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