Is The Maltipoo A Good Dog? Pros And Cons Of The Breed

Maltipoos are cross-bred dogs with Poodle and Maltese as their pure-bred background. They have a sweet temperament and can be sensitive to the needs of their loving family. But are they generally “good dogs,” or are they prone to yapping, biting, or bad behaviors?

Is The Maltipoo A Good Dog Is The Maltipoo A Good Dog? Pros And Cons Of The Breed

Are Maltipoos good dogs?

The Maltipoo is a good dog for families, individuals, and even some seniors.   They are very affectionate, loveable, and love to go on adventures with their family. They are small and can easily enjoy apartment life while being active and low-shedding.

They are active dogs, but their need for a lot of living space and room to roam outside the home is not as necessary as some larger dogs.

Another reason they are a good dog for many people or families is that they are low shedding. This makes them a good dog for families with people who suffer allergies to dogs and allergies of any sort. 

Their low shedding makes life much easier as there is less dog hair around the house to clean up.

Aside from this, they are a super social dog breed that loves to meet and greet other dogs, animals, and people. The Maltipoo can easily get along with almost any other creature they encounter and make friends.

It should be noted that due to the Poodle in their cross-bred background, they might be prey driven by certain smaller creatures like hamsters. Suppose one such animal lives in the household. In that case, the Maltipoo will need to be supervised during meetings for the hamster’s protection.

The Maltipoo is a social dog breed that thrives best when in the company of others. They love attention, and it doesn’t matter where it comes from for some dogs. 

The Maltipoo is a good dog for the dog park or regular park or walks through the neighborhood and that trip in the dog carrier to the hardware store.

Maltipoos are a good first dog for inexperienced families that have never had a dog. They are usually super easy to train due to their breed background, and they are super loveable and easy to manage due to their size.

When training a Maltipoo, it is a good idea to use positive reinforcement and some treats. They love pleasing people, and training is a way for them to shine and get all the attention they adore. Training a Maltipoo should be easy if the environment is positive and there is lots of energy.

Maltipoos make good dogs for older families, but they should always be supervised with younger kids. This is true of every dog breed regardless of their temperament and nature. Any dog is capable of accidentally harming a baby or toddler, and the same can be said in reverse.

Young children may not know how to treat a Maltipoo and could accidentally hurt them. Supervision is always necessary with small children for everyone’s safety and the peace of the household.

It is also a good idea for the pet parent to teach all the children in the house how to properly care for and live with a dog.  The children can learn how to feed the dog, what is okay when they play with the dog and so forth.  These skills can be learned in a very informal but fun way for the whole family if having a dog is new.

Before adopting any dog, the children in the household must understand how to care for and treat their new furry family member. Once the Maltipoo is adopted, it is important that they be properly socialized and trained, so they also understand acceptable behaviors in the home.

What makes the Maltipoo a not-so-good dog for some people?

Is The Maltipoo A Good Dog 1 Is The Maltipoo A Good Dog? Pros And Cons Of The Breed

Sometimes, their sensitive nature makes a Maltipoo not so good for some people. As highlighted above, this sensitivity can make them a great addition to some families where that is needed.

At other times being overly sensitive can become a problem in life with some families. This can make them not so good a dog for that family. It is very important to understand that NO Dog is bad, and every dog has good qualities.

Many dogs that seem not so good are just in the wrong environment. This is why selecting the right breeder and proper placement done by a reputable breeder is so important. Breeders know the breed or cross breed in this case that they are adopting out to families.

They understand the breed’s characteristics, qualities, temperament, and nature. They can match the right dog with the right family.

In the case of the Maltipoo, sometimes they can be not so good for some families that spend a lot of time away from home because they suffer from separation anxiety. Depending on the lifestyle and background of the Maltipoo, separation anxiety can be a very challenging behavior to modify or manage.

Families that spend a lot of time away from home without the Maltipoo may find that the separation brings out bad behaviors in an otherwise well-behaved dog. If this is the case, they should look at another dog breed before bringing the Maltipoo into their family.

Another reason the Maltipoo may not be a good dog for some families is the cost of adopting one. Maltipoos, like other designer or cross-bred dogs, can be pricey, making them not so good for some families.

Aside from that, their activity level can come across as hyper sometimes if not properly channeled. There is also their low shedding coat of hair that does need regular maintenance and care.

These things are easily remedied with the right family and home environment. Still, they are some things to consider before adopting a Maltipoo.

In Conclusion

Maltipoos are good dogs for some people, but this is true of every dog. When deciding to adopt a dog of any breed, it is important to know yourself and your lifestyle.

Once you have this information, you can research which breed may be right for you. The Maltipoos have many redeeming qualities that lend them well to most families. Still, this breed has a few things to consider before deciding.

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