What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Maltipoo?

The sad reality of our relationships with dogs is that, one day, that relationship has to come to an end. Maltipoos are some of the most lovable and sociable of all the dog breeds, so being prepared for the blow that their inevitable end of life will be is extremely important. Luckily, Maltipoo have an extremely long life expectancy, so you’ll be enjoying your little buddy’s company for years to come.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Maltipoo 2 1 What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Maltipoo?

How long do Maltipoos live?

Maltipoos have a life expectancy of 10-15 years, and this is because the Maltipoo is a small dog breed. Small dog breeds tend to live longer than larger ones, and since the Maltipoos are a fairly healthy dog breed, they could live even longer than 15 years old.

Every dog is different, and there is no possible way to know how long any dog will live.   Life and death are made up of many factors, health, diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress level, genetic and breed background, to name a few.

The Maltipoo is a cross-bred dog breed created from crossing a Maltese and a Poodle. Therefore, their health and life expectancy is based on those pure breed backgrounds.

When bred properly, this breed could live longer than 15 years. If they come from bad breeding, the Maltipoo may only live a certain number of years shy of 10 years.

The 10-15 years is a guideline many Maltipoos will fall into, but not all. Most pet parents will find it better to focus on a dog’s quality of life rather than the number of years they accumulate.

How do diet and exercise affect a Maltipoo life?

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Maltipoo 1 What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Maltipoo?

How diet and exercise affect a Maltipoo life is by changing their health. Diet and exercise both have the potential to enhance their health and extend their life if used properly, and they also have the potential to damage Maltipoos’ health and shorten their life if not used properly.

Providing a Maltipoo with a healthy diet that is nutrient-dense and free of additives, chemicals and preservatives will help their whole body be healthy, strong, and free of disease for as long as possible. The right amount of exercise for this breed will also do the same.

If Maltipoo gets too little or too much exercise, their health can be affected negatively. They could suffer fatigue or become obese and suffer health issues from that.

If the Maltipoos are fed an unhealthy diet that doesn’t provide nutrients, they might also suffer ill health. This includes feeding a Maltipoo poor quality food, not enough food, or too much food.

When these two components are in balance, a Maltipoo has the best chance of living its best life for as long as possible.

How do stress and lifestyle affect the life expectancy of a Maltipoo?

The way stress and lifestyle affect the life expectancy of a Maltipoo is, in the same way, like diet and exercise. Stress affects a dog’s body and organs in the same way it does humans. If they live in a home environment with constant distractions where they can never rest, they don’t find contentment and have good health.

This can happen in different ways; for instance, if a Maltipoo lives in a home environment with another aggressive or territorial dog, it can make them uncomfortable. The aggression or territorial issue can cause stress for the Maltipoo if it’s unchecked and the other dogs’ behavior isn’t modified.

A healthy lifestyle is also important for a Maltipoo to live a long life. The lifestyle or home life should include a safe and comfortable place to sleep, and the Maltipoo should be attended to when they need outdoor exercise and bathroom breaks.

Their needs in the home should be addressed for a healthy, long life. If they don’t have a comfortable place to sleep, they are not allowed sunshine and fresh air regularly, and their health can suffer.

Their needs regarding their breed background should be included in a healthy lifestyle. This means a Maltipoo needs plenty of exercise and activity because they are very energetic dogs. For them to feel their best and have good health, their need for such activity must be included in every day of their life.

The Maltipoo is a cross-bred dog breed that takes its qualities from the Maltese and the Poodle. Therefore, their needs will be similar to those of their pure-bred backgrounds.

How can I help my Maltipoo live a long life?

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Maltipoo 3 What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Maltipoo?

The best way to help your Maltipoo live a long life is to provide an adequate and healthy diet and enough exercise for their age, health, and size. The Maltipoo should live in a comfortable home free from major stress and distractions, and they should also feel love and know they are cared for and wanted.

Aside from that, the Maltipoo should be properly socialized and have friends that enhance their human and furry life. They should get fresh air, clean water, and outdoor playtime daily. The Maltipoo should also see their veterinarian regularly and live in a safe home where they are protected from anything harmful.

Training is also a must since it enhances their overall health and the harmony in their home life. Maltipoo should receive any medications they need and be taken care of in whatever aspect.

Aside from these measures, the best thing to be done for any dog, regardless of the breed, is to provide them with plenty of love. Lack of affection for both humans and dogs has been shown to shorten lifespan.

Share those hugs, give that attention, take those walks and spend time playing with them. There is never such a thing as too much love for any dog.   Love is the foundation of happiness for us all, and who better to share that with than our loved ones? Your Maltipoo will thrive, feel less stress, eat better, sleep better and enjoy life more when they are well-loved.

In Conclusion

It is impossible to determine the life expectancy of any dog. Breed background can give a glimpse of what can be expected, but there are too many factors involved in health and life.

Feed them well, provide creature comforts, train them right, attend to their needs, take them outside and keep them active, and live their best life. Show them all the love you have in your heart, and you’ve given them the best chance at a long, healthy, and happy life!

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