How Long Does It Take For Goldendoodles’ Hair To Grow Back?

One of the fun things about having a Goldendoodle is giving them fun haircuts with the knowledge that it will grow back.

But if you went a little overboard at the last grooming session and are anxiously waiting for your Goldendoodle’s hair to grow back, just how long should you expect to wait?

How Long Does It Take For Goldendoodles’ Hair To Grow Back?

How long it takes for Goldendoodles’ hair to grow back depends upon the individual dog their overall health, age, and how fast their hair tends to grow. This is unique to each individual dog. If the Goldendoodle has a complete shave, it can take two to six months to completely grow back. 

If the Goldendoodles’ hair has been shaved, it can take two to three months for them to get that fluffy furry doggie hairstyle, but it can take up to six months or longer for it to completely grow in.

The season and time of year can also affect how fast a Goldendoodles’s hair grows back from when it’s trimmed or shaved. 

A Goldendoodles hair will usually grow back at the rate of half to 3/4 of an inch per month but depends on the individual dog.

The health of the Goldendoodle will affect how fast their hair grows as certain health issues can cause other problems in the body like slower hair or nail growth.

The age of the Goldendoodle can also affect how fast their hair will grow back. 

An older or senior citizen Goldendoodle will have hair that grows slower than a puppy or young adult.

Should I shave my Goldendoodles’ hair or give it a trim?

Shaving your Goldendoodle or giving them a trim is an individual choice depending upon your lifestyle. It is also based on what you want your Goldendoodle to look like.

That being said, there are some pros and cons to shaving your Goldendoodle.

A Goldendoodle has a double fur coat. A double fur coat is an undercoat that certain dog breeds have as a second layer of insulation and protection.

This double fur coat protects your dogs from harsh weather conditions like extreme heat and sunlight extreme cold, but it also protects the skin from debris, dirt, and even insects.

Shaving your Goldendoodle too closely to the skin can potentially cause health issues and problems for your dog. 

If you shave the Goldendoodle too closely to the skin, you are shaving away their undercoat.

Doing this can put them at an increased risk for sunburn or frostbite, or even something so simple as insect bites and cuts from outdoor debris and dirt.

There are reasons why you should not shave your Goldendoodle that goes beyond health risks.

These include potential risks for changing the appearance of their fur coat.

This is especially true for young puppies under a year old. 

How Long Does It Take For Goldendoodles Hair To Grow Back 1 How Long Does It Take For Goldendoodles’ Hair To Grow Back?

Shaving their fur coat can permanently change the appearance of their fur coat; taking away their distinctive Goldendoodle look.

When their hair grows back in, it might be curlier than usual or have a less than soft feel, affecting grooming, care, and maintenance.

While shaving your Goldendoodle might seem like a quick and straightforward process for both you and your dog, grooming is a part of a bonding experience that you share with your dog.

This experience allows them to feel the love and care from their pet parent or family members while learning to accept being handled and managed in this way. 

The experience should always be positive and caring. 

The grooming experience also allows the pet parent to take a closer look at their Goldendoodle to inspect them for issues that could come up with their eyes, ears, teeth or nails, or anal gland area.

Knowing all this, there are still some good reasons to shave your Goldendoodle when necessary. These include when your Goldendoodle is having some severe issues with its fur coat.

These issues could include getting some caught in their fur coat that you cannot get out or if they have excessive matting, tangling, or knotting due to lack of regular brushing and grooming.

For these reasons, it would be a good idea to shave your Goldendoodle a bit. 

Their fur coat can grow back healthy while the pet parent is planning a regular grooming routine.

Shaving your Goldendoodle close to the skin is never recommended. A simple trim of shave that leaves your Goldendoodle with some hair is recommended.

How can I help my Goldendoodles fur grow back healthy and quick?

The best way for you to help your Goldendoodles fur grow back healthy and quick once it’s been trimmed or shaved is to offer a healthy, nutritious diet.

Good health and wellness are the foundation of everything that happens inside and outside a dog’s body and begins with a nutritious diet.

The Goldendoodles dog food should be nutrient-dense, free of additives, preservatives, and chemicals, and have a minimal list of ingredients on the package.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s dry dog food, wet dog food, or treats.

Goldendoodles should also receive a minimum number of human treats that are healthy and acceptable for any dog to eat, such as frozen vegetables and fruits.

Aside from a healthy diet having a grooming and brushing routine for your Goldendoodle is essential for their fur to grow back healthy and quick.

Brushing should be done regularly, and bathing should be done as needed. 

When they are washed, giving their skin and fur a gentle massage can also remove dead hair and ensure a healthy fur coat.

A massage can keep them healthy and is beneficial for the dog’s overall health inside and outside, reducing stress and anxiety.

It also creates a calmer state of mind and promotes a happy dog.

When you combine a healthy diet and a healthy routine for grooming and care, their fur will grow back healthy and as quickly as possible.

Final Points

How long it takes for your Goldendoodles hair to grow back once it’s been trimmed or shaved depends on the individual dog.

Providing them with a healthy, nutritious diet and having a regular grooming and bathing routine can ensure that their skin and fur are healthy at every stage of growth.

It is not recommended to shave your Goldendoodle fur too close to the skin. Giving them a little shave or trim can keep them looking cute while keeping them healthy and clean!

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